Video: Nokia 9 Killing off the bezel #Concept

| April 20, 2017 | 4 Replies

Based on sketches of the possible Nokia 9 designs, this is what the Nokia 9 might look like.

It’s a modern 2017 curved corners and maximal screen with virtually invisible bezels. It’s a very nice looking phone indeed.

The fingerprint reader seems to be in a more convenient location and the screen isn’t simply taller (that’s a plus if you’re just after a bigger display and apps that don’t need stretching, but it could mean possibly more difficult to hold depending on overall dimensions).


Concept creator

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • SIMO

    The overall design is exactly what Nokia needs to come up with for their holiday season flagship. It fits their design language, so the only potential obstacles are eliminating the bezel and embedding the fingerprint scanner. Shouldn’t be terribly difficult to figure those out.


    1) Not a huge fan of the dual-tone metal chassis. Pick one, either a metallic color or the phone color. The black pearl S7 Edge and the S8 are examples of metal frames done right on black phones. Sony’s offerings are also beautiful examples of metal frame aesthetics.

    2) Include always-on display. Nokia brought it to the smartphone market first and it was adopted and perfected by others. Time to reclaim this feature to help make the Nokia 9 the most complete smartphone of the year.

    3) Wireless charging. Nokia was also one of the first to bring this convenient feature to the market. People need some incentives to choose Nokia’s flagship over Samsung’s… that means matching the major features and then surpassing it in some way (like with using stock Android).

    Just my thoughts.

    • They should also include a better Camera UI.

  • Arthur

    Way too understated and bland even for Nokia. Their is absolutely nothing design wise that is recognizably Nokia and not something we haven’t already seen by everyone else. The Nokia 6 design was very underwhelming, I hope the 9 isn’t just a 6 with a better display/thinner bezels and better internals but mainly the same chassis design.

  • Systematic Systematic

    Nice. Really nice. Those clips are always nice. I just see “Concept Creator” logo and I am perfectly sure it will be a nice clip with nice music. And? And that’s all. Noting more. True old Nokia that we miss will all cells of our beings was about that all after was more attractive then what we could see in such a clips or billboards or banners. Now it is just contrary, just from times of Mr Elop in his infinite wisdom and elopcallypse. That having in your hand legendary Nokia N9 with Linux MeeGo Harmattan or Nokia N8 with Symbian you were carrying in own hand a materialised magic connecting people. Do you know what is the difference between living and non-living matter? Just a spark, but a God’s spark that changes everything. That something making huuuge difference thanks to Linux MeeGo in Nokia N9 or Symbian in Nokia N8. And all that sparks now are with Sailfish OS, which continues good practices and reliability of both mentioned.

    And now all we are to be sentenced for sh…ty Android for undefined period of time, and it is unknown still: when this mobile will be with unlocked to allow to port Linux MeeGo Sailfish OS into it myself.

    @Nokiaaaaaaaaa, when Nokia Sailfish OS device???