Dual Lens Nokia accidentally on show?

| May 16, 2017 | 18 Replies

Evan Blass on twitter recognised in what appeared to be an official Nokia video that a fourth phone with a dual lens appeared when Nokia only has the Nokia 3, 5 and Nokia 6 smartphones.

The source video has been pulled but Evan has kindly put a mirror on his tweet. The act of removing the video further validates to Evan the authenticity of it (like that time the Nokia N9/800 video got pulled).


I’m not to sure about this screen proportion anymore.  I felt 2017 is spoiling me with the lesser bezel approach. For some reason I had read some ‘leaks’ of info suggesting Nokia may also have less bezels but that may not be the case.Though apparently HTC will still keep pushing this for now too.

Source Evan Blass


Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • flotron

    It should be fake because the difference of the others phone renders. If not, their render sucks

    • But the person who made this, worked with Nokia till 2014 and now he is with HMD Global. Also this is too old and not polished. 🙂

      • Muerte

        Well, HMD’s management has said that this dude who published the video does not work at HMD. And this video is not from HMD either.

        • Any link? When did they say this?

          • Muerte


            They did this quite soon after the video appeared. It was in the Finnish media, I don’t know if there is any article other than Finnish-ones?


            Briefly, the head of Nordic business at HMD stated that he does not know this person, he doesn’t work for HMD, he does not know what his purposes are, and that HMD does not have any role in publishing the video.

            He didn’t outright claim that the video is fake, though…

  • The 1st image has 2 new phones. Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and other Nokia 7 and Nokia 8??

  • If this is the real thing then i am disappointed 🙁 Bring back Lumia Design 🙂

  • zlutor

    whatever HMD has they should finaly deliver – the buzz from MWC is.fading away…

    don’t keep this Nokia heritage(announcement and nothing for months) but give us the darn devices! 😉

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      The Nokia 6 was released in Blitzkrieg fashion in China back in January, and the US still has no word on when we’re receiving any Nokia phones. By the time it will be released worldwide, the phone will be well over 6 months old, and Android O will be the next big thing.

      The snapdragon 660 processor is already making headlines with a bunch of new features, one of which is Bluetooth 5.0, etc, and doing things so slowly, will result in having dated phones and last year’s tech.

      Don’t sit on your laurels, Nokia!
      Someone should light a fire under their feet so they can hurry up!

      Come on!

      • Nokia 7, 8 and 9 spotted on geekbench. I assume they will hold a launch event in July-September time frame 🙂

        • I hope there will be some kind of Nokia Connect in July, introduce the 2, 7, 8 and Nokia World alike in september for 1 and 9. Would be perfect.

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          Reminds me of an old joke from about 20 years ago. (I believe it was aired by McDonald’s in the 1990’s)

          Question: why is 6 afraid of 7?
          Answer: cuz 7 8 9…

          (Get it? 789, as in, seven ATE nine)

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          One more thing… If Nokia is planning to come out with a phone around September, it better push the latest Google software with it. Because by September or October, Android O will be implemented in Android phones. If Nokia uses nougat, it’s be viewed as using 11 month old software in a brand new just released phone. This is NOT a good thing … The public eye will view this as a type of complacency on behalf of Nokia! And haters will jump on the bandwagon talking $#!T about Nokia.

          Also, Snapdragon 835 will have been out for about 6 months by September or October 2017. So putting in today’s awesome processor will look silly if it’s placed in a flagship phone (meant to compete with xynos and fusion, and Chinese phones that have used it long before Nokia) by the end of the year…

          Also, battery life… It’s awesome that Android OS is trying to emulate the incredible phenomenal efficiency and optimizations of our beloved Symbian, but ultimately, with data and connectivity, a proper 3550mAh – 3980 mAh battery would be an absolute necessity!

          (Or just make it 3600 or 4000 mAh and call it a day)

          • LG G6 is a great device and runs on SD821. Nokia 9 will run on SD835 which is latest so y would any one complain about Nokia using old processor. And i think, the flagship from Nokia will come with Android O out of the box.

            • EricLovesSymbian

              EricLovesSymbian says:

              I hope so buddy… I really do.

              But seeing how people like to judge and make comparisons, it’d be hard not to see people world wide mocking Nokia for coming out with a smartphone after waiting for over five years. They will say, ‘is this the best they can do’ all over blog sites, then compare it to some random Chinese OEM phone and say, ‘see, even this one plus or Xiaomi or Huawei phone has better specs than this brand new, just released Nokia’ … It’s not that I mind what it has as much, it’s that I’m concerned what all these haters will say in order to delegitimize Nokia’s first flagship Android smartphone.

              If the processor isn’t up to par, if the battery is small ish, if the battery life doesn’t set records, if the screen is not 2160p, if the phone has a 5.3″ screen in the body chassis that can easily fit a 5.8″ screen (by having smaller bezels), if … And it goes on and on and on….

              This is what I’m worried about.

              Nokia’s last phone was the magnificent and wonderful Nokia 808. And after being on a 5 year vacation, I really hope they really wow and shock the world with a truly beautiful amazing stylish, solid durable and well thought out phone…

              The Nokia 9 has to be something people will consider when they look at their wallets and say, hmm, should I buy an apple iPhone 8 (the ten year anniversary edition) or a galaxy s8, or should I buy a one plus 5 or a Xiaomi mi 6 or LG G6… Nokia needs to be thought of in that category. It needs to be in the minds and thoughts of people, even if they don’t buy the 2017 batch of its phones. As they may end up buying it’s 2018 version.

              • I agree with you. Recently, I have seen many negative articles and videos on Nokia 3310, this is just a gimmick, etc. Y you should not buy the new Nokia 3310. Media is too bad nowadays. 🙁 I think similar posts and videos will pop up after Nokia 3, 5 and 6 are annouced. 🙁 And once someone reads negative posts they will not look at that phone again. 🙁

  • Systematic Systematic

    And still there is nothing about Nokia Sailfish OS device! Nokia, when there will be a Linux MeeGo Sailfish OS device? We are awaiting here!!!

  • Beer Chang

    And where is the Xenon flash?