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So, last Saturday afternoon, in the midst some “intense revision” a.k.a. DVD watching, I got interrupted whilst I answered a call from an unknown number.

I don’t normally answer those calls as they’re usually silly phone companies trying to make me “update” to the K850/Viewty. As it turns out, it’s Siobhan from WOMWorld. Hey Siobhan! We had a little chat about the N82 and how much I was pleased with this phone’s imaging capabilities.

Then the topic moved on to an email that Siobhan had sent, which had gone unnoticed being swamped by the rest of my mail, so reiterating the content of the mail, Siobhan told me details of this new Nseries Event where they would send some bloggers some place around the world, for two weeks, all expenses paid where they would use the N82 to document the whole event whilst navigating from A-B using, again, the N82. That call was an invite to this event. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAH!

It’s happening quite soon, January/February 2008. Big January exam times! I’m not so much fussed about the exams because I’ll have revised for them over the Christmas holidays only the mandatory assessed practicals which I will be missing. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! 2 weeks out of action from studies to use the N82 to its limits, scouring unfamiliar lands, haha, would make a good tech-reality TV show.

I’m hoping it’s not going to be too similar to the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions I went on. (I used the 7610 to capture memories of those feet killing times) Rain, mud, cows, cliff, full 80litre back-packs and the biggest yet most unhelpful map and compass ever. That would have been so different had I had had a GPS device then….no getting lost several times in a row. Haha!

Anyway, the point of the four bloggers will be that once dropped of at their particular world region, they’re going to be exploring that for the next two weeks and at the end of it, passing the baton so to speak to the next person. As to which initial destination each person will be going to is at this moment unknown, but every location seems to be open to the Nseries urbanista Diaries. Apparently our daily routes can be tracked with a sized down version of sports tracker for each person’s blog (I’m not sure it will work on this wordpress account though). You’ve most likely heard about the Nokia Sports tracker as it’s been available quite a while, if not you can read about and download the actual app here <click<<. Quite simple and easy to use.

Two other confirmed attendants are Devin Balentina from ‘the Nokia guide’, and Ms Jen from ‘Black Pheobe’. I wonder who the fourth person will be?!



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