Nokia N97 Free on £35/month contract! £109.99 on £25/month contract!

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The Nokia N97 has already been on sale at the NY Nokia flagship store. The UK however, has to wait until June 19th (also the release date of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen :D). Good news for UK customers is that we get the option, unlike the US, to get the N97 subsidized on contract into somewhat more easily manageable and hopefully better value package.

Currently, unlocked Nokia N97 retails for £499.99

Add a moderate £20 monthly usage, and over 24 months (the standard contract length), that equals £979.99

This post covers three Nokia N97 deals from Vodafone, O2 and Orange.

As of today, these prices look very promising, especially for a brand new handset. The aged predecessor, the Nokia N96, was much more expensive than the N97 when it was first released. Even after almost a year of price reduction to the N96, the N97 is amazingly only £70* more in terms of total ownership cost.

(*from here)

For proceeding estimated plan worth:

  • Text messages at 10p/text
  • Calls at 30p/min
  • (internet not included – “unlimited” mobile data plans are still crap in the UK)

Contract Deal 1: Vodafone

contract 1

Over at, they have the Nokia N97 for free on a £34.26 contract over 24 months.

Total Cost: £822.24

Plan: £30 per month + £4.26 Unlimited Mobile web

  • 700 minutes
  • A somewhat paltry 250 text
  • Unlimited Landline.

Estimated plan worth = £1135/month

  • 700 minutes = £210
  • 250 text = £25
  • Unlmited landline (cap, 3000 minutes) = £900


Contract Deal 2: O2


Over at, they’ve listed the Nokia N97 for £109.99 on a £25 contract over 24 months.

Total cost 709.99

Plan: £25 per month (effectively £29.58/month with £0 for handset)

  • 600 minutes
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited Web

    Estimated plan worth = £380

  • 600 minutes = £180
  • Unlimited Text (cap 2000) = £200


Contract Deal 3: Orange

contract orange

This comparison site basically has the Nokia N97 for free at £45 on an 18 month contract

Total Cost = £810**

**£770.85 with cash back.

Plan: £40 + £5 unlimited internet

  • 900 minutes
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited mobile internet (500MB)

Estimated Plan Worth = £570

  • 900 minutes = £270
  • Unlimted Texts (cap 3000) = £300


iPhone 3G S, Contract Deal

contract 3

In comparison, expected price plan for the upcoming iPhone 32GB 3G S stands at 175.19 on a £34.26 contract over 24 months.

Total cost: 997.43

Plan: £34.26 per month
600 minutes
500 text
Unlimited Web
Estimated plan worth = £230


Winning Deal

BTW – I am not sponsored by any of these networks to promote these contracts – these were simply deals I came across as another average consumer and wanted to share them with you guys :).

There are other price plans available, but the ones I chose were the cheapest options.

At the moment, by far the best value for money is the Nokia N97 on Contract Deal 2: O2 at £25/month, £109.99 for the handset, with an excellent monthly plan with 600 minutes,  unlimited texts and “unlimited” internet (250MB). Effectively, that’s £29.58/month for a free handset.

Total ownership cost, £709.99. That’s a saving of:

  • £270.00 from the unlocked price
  • £113.24 from the vodafone plan
  • £101.00 from the orange plan
  • £288.43 from the O2 iPhone 3G S option.

Best deal found by reader, JoeL. Thanks!

It’s actually with T-Mobile, £115.99 for handset at £34.26 for only 12 months!


Total ownership cost, £527.11.

You finish the contract within a year, and most possibly will get to upgrade again after 9 months.

The plan is:

  • 300 minutes
  • 200 text
  • Unlimited web

That’s the cheapest total ownership price at the moment. If you find any better,please post below. If you need more mintes/text, a higher monthly contract option maybe better for you. T-Mobile does seem to have some pretty decent deals for the Nokia N97. Seems I maybe switching and saying goodbye to O2.


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