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Ovi Maps 3.0 is the latest edition of Nokia’s free Sat-Nav software. Below is a screenshot taken from Ovi Maps 3.0 on the Nokia N97.

The improvements with Ovi Maps 3.0 are well worth the time to upgrade because the interface is much improved, requiring much less menu wading and button pressing than the previous Nokia Maps 2.0. Note the following:

  • [Top Right] My Location button. Pressing this red dot (inside the square) centres the map to your current location. When you move away from your location, as I have, it will show you the arrow of your location and how far away you are from it. It disappears once the other red dot (indicating your GPS location) is visible on the map.
  • [Bottom] Search Button. Pressing the magnifying glass allows you to either search for an address or categories of places. As with 2.0, this is most/only useful when you have an internet connection.
  • [Top] Location bar . Pressing gives you a range of options to do with named location: Walk/Drive, show details, add to route, send location and explore. This is a very simple change but makes so much difference in terms of making actual navigation and using Ovi Maps so much easier.
  • Only an options button is available. No toolbar to waste space, or exit button to press accidentally.
  • Kinetic scrolling of some sort. If you flick the map, it moves slightly, gradually slowing down to a stop instead of just stoping the moment you lose contact with the screen.
  • Zoom bar on the left. For me, that is a better location as a right handed user, it makes for less accidental zooming in/out. As with before, you can either hold + to zoom in, or – to zoom out. Alternatively, a downward swipe zooms you out, and an upward swipe zooms you in.
  • Compass. As with Nokia Maps 2.0 on the N97, after around a minute, this gets a lock and rotates your map to match the actual alignment of the streets/roads/you.
Basic view, no location set.

From the options button, you get a similar standard menu as the previous Nokia Maps 2.0. Some worthwhile additions include:

  • History. -  Locations previously  navigated to (walk/drive to)
  • Favourites – Access your saved landmarks or routes, plus Sync your favourites with Ovi
  • Dashboard – gives quick GPS info of speed, pace, altitude and GPS coordinates, and changes when you’re in the middle of navigation, giving you trip distance, time, average speed, total distance, time and total average speed.





"Walk to"

In action, Ovi Maps 3.0 turns your N97 or other compatible phone into a very capable Sat-Nav device. Directions for driving/walking appear pretty much instantly and you’re off on your way. The interface has been given a slight rehaul which makes it much more finger friendly on touch devices such as the N97.

Note, though none of the screenshots show GPS lock, that’s because they were taken within a couple of seconds of the app starting. The N97 is pretty quick at getting a GPS signal when outside. (Though there is a slight delay when in a vehicle)


"Drive to" options


"Drive to"


"Drive to" dashboard

Installing Ovi Maps 3.0

You’ll need two parts:

1. Nokia Maps Updater

– this will install Ovi Maps 3.0 onto your compatible phone.

dl maps

Follow the download instructions  >>here<<

Once downloaded, install and connect to your phone, preferably by cable. After restarting your computer, run the “Nokia Maps Updater” software. maps updater

Next, complete the installation on your phone. MNB000027

When you first start Ovi Maps 3.0, it will ask you to delete older maps. Once that’s done, from your phone you can start downloading maps via WiFi or Mobile Internet.

Alternatively, you can do this from Ovi Suite. >> Download here <<

2. Nokia Maps Loader (3.0)

This will install Nokia Maps Loader for your computer.

maps loader 3.0

To save time (and money) it’s advisable to use Nokia Maps Loader 3.0 which will let you load the maps you want onto your phone so you won’t have to download them on the fly later on. You can also download the voice navigation from here too.

Follow the download instructions >> here <<


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