Video: Nokia N900 Startup time (on Pre-Production Firmware)

| September 19, 2009 | 2 Replies

This is nothing of major significance. I just like to have some record of start up times (to see in firmware upgrades down the line if it’s improving or not).

To make things fair, time starts from “pressing on” until I see the screen (easier to make comparable results this way)

For comparison:

  • the N97 does around 34 seconds on its latest V12 firmware.
  • Older S60 devices like my N93 could manage around 18 seconds.
  • From other manufacturers, an old video by CNET showed the Palm Pre at 1 minute 46 seconds
  • iPhone 3G at 48 seconds and
  • iPhone 3GS at 19 seconds.

If any of those phones have improved in firmware, note now that the N900 isn’t even in final firmware.


How does the N900 NOT on final firmware fare? (Also check out the start up “Nokia Hands” animation in widescreen)


33 seconds (via this method of time keeping, though for actual bootup when you can press stuff is about 43

Now I know it’s not all about startup time . That’s not an excuse for the N900(against the 3GS). My N97 is relatively quick for a smartphone for startup but I’d gladly trade in some startup speed if it was much more faster at the rest of the smartphone tasks and much more stable so I wouldn’t have to keep shutting it down and restarting again! Not sure about the N900 (but my N800 is very stable)


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