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Senior Product Manager, Mikko Korpelainen demonstrates the Maemo 5 Web Browser on the Nokia N900


Flash isn’t anything new on a Nokia, but 9.4 on the N900 looks really good. On previous Nseries (even tablets), flash was ok, but it would not render full flash heavy sites like your desktop. Especially not flash game sites! (If they did run, it would have been at excruciatingly slow frame rate)

What I’ve loved about browsing on the internet tablets were that somewhat similar desktop like experience of page rendering, but on something so small and portable. A lot of browsers make pages look like the desktop equivelant, but they won’t act exactly like how it would on a desktop browser. On preproduction firmware, it doesn’t seem like the N900 can exactly  match desktop performance (e.g. embedded videos on sites sometimes doesn’t show), but it’s certainly one of the closest ever on a phone.

The vieo also shows some tips and tricks you may already be aware of, like the circular zooming, multiple web browsing and visual history. I don’t like the latter, I think Opera Mini has a much better solution – just press back and previous page instantly appears without having to reload the page. Nokia says it’s faster as you don’t have to click back – but I reckon I could press “back” faster 5 times and get to that page 5 pages back, than swipe right-left, and scroll until I see that page. Having said that, the Maemo 5 browser is much, much faster than S60’s webkit browser (like say, on the N97), so pressing back and reloading the entire webpage again isn’t as much of a chore on the N900.

The N900 will have the best mobile browser ever seen on a (pocketable) Nokia device – Bright 3.5″ screen, WVGA 800X400 on means less left/right scrolling and fast, faithful, desktop-like rendering and experience with flash 9.4. Plus it’s super stable and handles multiple open browsers with ease.

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