How To: Nokia N900 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Unlike the N97, the Nokia N900 takes advantage of its QWERTY keyboard and utilises some helpful shortcuts to allow for certain actions or to just make some a bit quicker.

Here I’ll compile the keyboard shortcuts for the N900. I don’t know them all yet, some I only picked up yesterday thanks to your tips [some, like 11/12 found by accident in seeing what happens if I did Ctrl+Alt+Del], so if you know some I’ve missed out, I’d love to add them please ;).

  1. Caps Lock
  2. Secondary Symbols/Numbers
  3. Additional Symbols Menu
  4. Highlight Text
  5. Copy Text
  6. Paste Text
  7. Print Screen
  8. Quick search for contacts
  9. Quickly go back a page in web browser
  10. Lock phone (alternative to lock switch)
  11. Quick Multitask View
  12. Delete lines of text without highlighting
  13. Scrolling in web browser

The image below is just for clarification. I’m calling ‘Function’ key “alt” and backspace “delete” btw.

Note I’ll be adding pictures/screenshots soon to this post but have lectures and an exam to go to. On the upside, it’s Friday ^_^.

1. Caps Lock

To use capital letters either press

Shift once and the letter you want


Shift twice to turn on Caps Lock – all future letters will be in CAPITAL

you should see a message “Caps Lock on”

to turn Caps Lock off, just press shift again

2. Secondary keys (Symbols/Numbers Row)

To access the alternative keys, e.g. on “D “we have “#” press

Alt and the symbol, e.g “Alt” and “D” we get  #


Alt twice

you should see “Fn is locked”

3. Additional Symbols Menu

Not all the symbols can be used via the tip above. e.g. [SQUARE BRACKETS]. You can access secondary symbols by pressing

Alt first and then Ctrl (maybe just start with Alt and roll your thumb to Ctrl)

You should see a grid of additional symbols

4. Highlight text

You can either use the touch screen or

Hold Shift  and left/right arrow

depending on the direction of where your cursor begins.

To select a bigger block of text

Hold Shift  and up/down arrow

You can then use the left/right arrow to refine selection.

If you want to highlight text in web browser that’s not in text editor

Swipe from left of the screen, an arrow cursor in a square pops up. Press it again to hold, then just drag and highlight [you can copy and paste using tips 5 and 6]

5. Copy text

After highlighting text just:

Hold Ctrl and “C” simultaneously

You may get a notification saying “Copied” across your screen

6. Paste text

After copying text :

Hold Ctrl and  “V” simultaneously

7. Print Screen

This turns what you see on the N900′s  screen into a picture – no third party apps necessary. Just:

Hold Ctrl and Shift and “P” simultaneously

8. Quick search for Contacts

When in desktop view, just

Start typing name of contact via keyboard

The contacts window will appear instantly

9. Instantly go back a page in the Web Browser

If you misspress a link, you might just want to go back a page instantly, and not go through the carousel of your browsing history. If so just press


And you’ll go back to the previous page.

10. Lock Phone

This technically isn’t using the keyboard but it’s a nice button shortcut alternative to the lock switch. Just press

On twice

11. Quick Multitask View

To view your multiple windows without having to press the button on screen, when you have an app running

Ctrl and Delete

You’ll instantly switch to view the live thumbnails of any open application.

This means you don’t have to exit full screen view of the web browser to switch windows.

12. Delete Lines of text without highlighting

To quickly delete whole lines of text without holding the delete button or highlighting a line of text:

Hold Ctrl and Shift and Delete [Simultaneously]

You’ll delete blocks texts one line at a time.

13. Scrolling in Web Browser

Of course, you can just swipe the screen. Alternatively you can press


This scrolls down a several lines at a time.



This scrolls as you hold in a particular direction


I remember there was another shortcut (something plus X to bring up X-terminal, but I highly doubt that you won’t know that shortcut already if you know what X-terminal is for)

OK – forgot about this post -for  even more list of tips, Nokia Experts has a great bunch of N900 keyboard shortcuts ^_^

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  1. Another one for you. Ctrl and space bar switches the language if you are using more than one dictionary. Nifty.

  2. AlexDT says:

    Delete or just backspace?

  3. jimbo says:

    for the past 2 hours ive been trying to copy and paste some text from the web browser on my n900, my conclusion is that its not possible, ive tried all the so called solutions found on google but none of them work, including the ones shown here

    • jhinga says:

      Copy and paste does work. Try swiping from left of the screen (close to the headpohne area, outside the screen) towards right of the screen, so you move from out of the screen to inside the screen. A samall popup will appear on the bottom left. Rest will be easy..

    • Richard says:

      My N900 Ctrl + c and Ctrl + p is not working, I have used all the right ways, hovering mode and so on… is yours working now? I have the latest firmware R1.12 Thx

  4. SMC says:

    Is there any way to obtain the Function keys as on a PC: F1-F12?

    I need them for Midnight Commander.

  5. iiiiiii says:

    mc – use esc+number key for corresponding f key

  6. Sheena says:

    How do I delete a note from my NOTES ? I go into Calender then select notes and it gives you the option to delete notes but then I go into my Notes and all my notes are still there ! I cant get rid of them !!! !ARgh

    • Levlin Zac Cherian says:

      Hi Sheena,

      I just got this n900 and yes its different from the usual nokia phones… some features are like all over the place. I too was struggling to get rid of a test note that i created. This is what i did and it worked for me.

      1)Go to FILE MANAGER
      2)Select the memory location where it would be stored (default would be Nokia N900. You would get another option if you have an additional memory card).
      3)select the folder “documents”
      4)then click on the drop down menu (usually by clicking on File Manager heading itself or the drop down arrow)
      5) select the option which says DELETE
      6) select the file you want to delete
      7) confirm it by clicking on DELETE again… and it should be gone.

      Hope this helps you out.

      Thanks and Regards,

  7. Sheena says:

    Anyone know how to get the IMEI Number from a N900 ? I type in the digits but it just says wrong number …. ?

  8. akw says:

    I have a message showing “Internal error , Application closed” whenever i fn lock
    which when i pressed Fn twice or caps lock twice, do you know what causes it ?


  9. Rob Godlonton says:

    N900 – the Lock Switch has locked me out of the phone – any thoughts to overide this “feature”?


  10. michael hoeberichts says:

    ctrl – Shift – X is open x-terminal.

    • finally says:

      Thanks, annoying when you read “something plus X to bring up X-terminal, but you already know that”. No, I don’t know the shortcuts, that’s why I came to this place!

  11. michael hoeberichts says:

    just find out that if you do ctr – A you select al text. now copy paste is more easyer ;)

  12. Raed says:

    any shortcut to close an app ?
    is there a keyboard shortcut to bring menu on the screen ?

    • Jay says:

      For some appps Ctrl+W or maybe Ctrl + Q closes an app-can’t remember which. Bt it is the same as for an actual computer.

  13. Anz says:

    When I press “Ctrl” or “Shift” twice then showing “Internal error , Application closed”. Why it can happen..?? Any Idea…??

  14. Jay says:

    When typing an sms using touchscreen virtual keyboard the predictive text works but how do i accept the word it has predicted for me? i know in the physical keyboard ytou just press the forward arrow to accept the text it has suggested, but i am trying to accept suggested text using virtual keyboard. Thanks

  15. jadine says:

    is there a shortcut to calibrate your screen?!

  16. Raed A says:

    calibration is don from Settings only….

  17. June says:

    is there also a shortcut to bring up on-screen keyboard. thx

  18. ofuje says:

    My n900 came with trial version of document to go.
    how do i update to premier version. I found i easy wih N97.

  19. ofuje says:

    any way to arrange desktop?

    • Richard says:

      My Keyboard shortcuts copy + paste using hovering mode not working, Is your copy paste keyboard shortcuts working? Or has any one has the same problems as I Do? I just got my new n900 in begining of October 2010… with latest firmware R1.12

      • Cow says:

        swipe from left to right, starting from outside of screen. then click on the pointer icon. then u can highlight text, ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste…enjoy =)

  20. atif says:

    i cannot bring the pointer icon even by swipping left to right on the keyboard…any idea ppl???

    • jismon says:

      try hard you can,first time i also could not do that..

      • B-Nos says:

        Start from outside the left side of your screen where the earpiece is (charger side, headphone side is your other left) swipe from off-screen to on-screen, I’ve found it works better from the bottom left. A pointer icon will appear, click on it then a movable pointer will appear… good luck & may the force be with you.

  21. kinga says:

    My N900 lcd screen is not working well. I want to send my mobile for repair, but there are some confidential messege in my sms. is there any ways to delete all the sms by keyboard shortcut.

  22. TBW says:

    i can’t find “%” (percentage) mark on key board :(

    • mm0zct says:

      It’s in the extra symbols menu, press alt + ctrl (you don’t need to hold alt, since it’s registered until the next keypress after a single press).

  23. whodoes says:

    anyone knows how to run the n900-crack? what i need to install?thank you

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