How to: Remove the back cover of the Nokia N900/Insert a wrist strap

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This is a quick video that shows how to remove the battery cover and also how to insert a wrist strap.


The back cover mechanism has been gradually refined over the years with Nseries. I remember the flimsy connecting stubs of the N95 and N93’s battery covers; they were so weak, they broke if you looked at them the wrong way.

Not so with the N900.

Back covers: N97 and N900

Like the N97, the whole N900’s back cover comes off, but the N900’s battery cover is much more secure.

  • Stubs are short, can’t break off (the first time I used the N97 I accidentally bent one of the stubs preventing me from putting the cover back on – until I bent it back.
  • N900 back cover is snug all the way around; I can remove the N97’s battery cover from 3/4 sides. This is why the battery and back cover might sometimes spring off when you drop the phone.
  • The plastic used in the N900 is stronger. The back cover of the N97 can be bent like a slice of salami – or more accurately like any CD. but not so with the N900.
  • You can only take the N900’s battery cover off the intended way. Just pull from that gap above the right stereo speaker (the side with the lock switch). It comes off pretty easily from this point, but no where else so you’ve got a safe, secure fitting.
  • Like the N97, to remove the back cover, just pull in one go. Don’t be scared, it won’t break – it’s pretty tough.
  • To replace, insert the back cover off starting at the camera end. Just push it all down till it pops back into place.

The wrist strap bit is optional – I always need to have one for my gadgets – prevents 99.9% of all accidental slippages and drops when in use.

  • After removing the battery cover, on the camera side there’s a hole and a hook.
  • Feed the wrist strap through the hole and over the hook.
  • Pull to make sure it’s snug and replace battery cover.

It’s much less fiddly than the N97 or a lot of other methods to insert a wrist strap.  Just continue feeding the wrist strap through the hole and you’re pretty much 90% done.

Despite being clad in plastic, the N900 is a really solidly built phone. Excellent back cover and much improved wrist strap insertion.


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