7 Symbian S60 5th Edition Apps I'd love to see on Maemo

| January 9, 2010 | Reply

1. Gravity

Undoubtedly one of S60 5th Edition’s saving graces, this app:

  • seamlessly integrates all of twitters features giving you an overall functionality not yet possible with other twitter apps for maemo.
  • Making tweets, sending replies and direct messages is so simple, especially since you can be notified of DM/replies with sound alerts.
  • I love how simple it is to tweet pictures too (and from several picture services), draft saving as well as the being able to make twitter searches.
  • You can even browse update and comment on facebook statuses and to top it off, a really decent google reader.

2. Ultimate Voice Recorder

This isn’t a highly publicized app, but I’ve loved it ever since it was on my older S60 devices. What’s great about this voice recorder is that:

  • you can quickly activate it in the background. You don’t have to open up the app and press record, you just tap a certain preset key (red key on N97) three times.
  • it runs in the background. Most voice recorder apps, if you switch windows they stop recording.
  • you can activate it even if the phone is locked
  • makes it easy to take down notes in a call/lecture
  • You can even set it to auto record all calls
  • Calls that are recorded get saved as that caller’s name with the time and duration of call
  • This app can be set to autostart. You’ll get a tape recorder icon to show its live, but otherwise you won’t see it in multitasker.

3. BBC iPlayer

BBC’s famous catch up service for your missed TV/Radio programmes.

  • Stream content (at great frame rate, Over WiFi and selected networks)
  • download (for later watching offline)
  • even watch programmes live as they’re being broadcast to your TV.
  • Easy mobile friendly navigation
  • It’s Free

4. Midomi Music Identifier

Like Shazam but much better . Heard a track you just can’t figure the name to? Maybe you know how it goes and can sing or hum it?

  • Midomi can recognize the actual track, you singing or even just humming.
  • It’ll let you know the song, give you a sample of the real track (and even other people singing) and show you the album it belongs to.
  • It’ll show you lyrics as well as music videos of that track
  • It’s Free (At the moment)

5. Nimbuzz

– Perfect Mobile Chat client. There’s “Pidgin Messenger” for Maemo but

  • I find Nimbuzz much better, especially since I can just import my nimbuzz account and have all my chat contacts from services I’ve previously integrated.
  • You can make skype calls on it too.
  • You can make/join chat rooms
  • Nimbuzz is free
  • [Note: N900 does have integrated IM with its messaging App]

6. Vlingo

-The N900 lacks voice commands of any sort. Not even standard S60 style contact dialling/app.

  • Vlingo lets users create messages via voice
  • search web via voice
  • call contacts via voice
  • Create written notes via voice
  • Open apps via voice
  • even make facebook  updates via voice.
  • Oddly the web browser is nicer over vlingo because you can quickly hide the hideous S60 web toolbar and go fullscreen.
  • Vlingo is free, (upgradeable if you want to send more than a few messages/emails via voice)

7. Sports Tracker

– Want to keep track of how many miles you’re jogging/cycling around your town, as well as the actual tracked route that you’re taking with stats such as speed/height/steps?

  • Sports tracker stores all your “workouts” so you can keep check on your progress.
  • It’s also a cool app to use if you go to unfamiliar places.
  • Sports tracker will mark down positions you go to and you can check that later with an overlayed map on Google earth.
  • Sports tracker is free

What Symbian apps would you like to see porting over to Maemo?


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