Video: Dual LED Flashlight for the N900

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Flashlights/Torches – never really around when you need one. Often, it’s too dark to go look for where you’ve put one. Maybe you don’t even have a torch.

With phone screens getting bigger and brighter, some people use their as torches. But they’re not really properly bright enough as torches!

On the bright side, many phones now have LEDs, dual LEDs even and for quite a long time you can use those in your Nokias as torches.

Same goes with the N900 and its DUAL led flashes, with the “Flashlight” application.

It’s very well implemented as you don’t access it via an application icon.

Instead, it appears in your status bars making it extremely easy to access

Even better, it only appears when you’ve opened up the lens cover, so you won’t waste battery, or go through the hassle of turning on the torch and then opening the cover only to activate the camera and having to exit the camera and activate the flash again. See?

To turn off the flash, just press the icon again, or more simply just close the lens cover.

The video below demonstrates what I’ve just said as well as showing you the N900’s dual LED in action. (Unless you have a torch app, you won’t see the LEDs stay on as it’s not yet available for video recording). The final portion was filmed by the N85 using the N900’s flash.


This is a very useful application, and makes the N900 into a quite a worthy torch.

Although the dual LEDs aren’t always bright enough to light up an occasion for a photo (that’s where you’d need Xenon flash) they’re perfectly fine as torches (Which xenon can’t do because it doesn’t do extended illumination – just bursts of light)


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