#Symbiangives Multicore Symbian^5 and Symbian^6 coming 2011 and 2012 respectively. Symbian^3 on Cortex A9

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Supposedly the  Symbian^3 N98 you've seen floating around the blogosphere (yay for 4 row keyboard). Symbian^3 with HDMI confirmed

Symbian’s roadmap is available for you to have a read and there’s some very interesting stuff planned. #Symbiangives – not just open in terms of Open Source OS but Open in their intentions and future goals:

  • Symbian^4 isn’t the limit, there’s Symbian^5 and Symbian^6 too! [Hey, maybe we can keep the S60 branded products, just rub out the zeros!]
  • Symbian^4 will be ready for multicore support sometime in 2010
  • Symbian^3 has kernel support for multicore
  • Multicore will achieve better performance with better battery life!
    • Symbian is designed for low power consumption from the ground up and now leading the wave in low power efficiency.
  • Symbian^3 is running on dual Cortex A9

    • A9 will allow recording of up to 1080p
    • High end 3D graphics accelerator to bring PC-like web browsing [If anything like Maemo 5, I’m stoked!]
  • Symbian^3 devices (N8/N98/N87?) available from 2010 [H2, i.e. July onwards]
  • Dual Core devices will be shipping in 2011
  • Symbian^4 devices will be available from 2011 [H1]
  • Symbian^5 devices will be available from 2011 [H2]
  • Symbian^6 devices will be available from 2012 [H1]

Question. Will Symbian^6 be capable of running on a Symbian^3 device? (I’m guessing there’s no point asking about N97 compatibility – could you even bear it on that amount of free RAM?).

Some other interesting notes from the roadmap:

  • There are 33 Symbian^1 devices so far, from Samsung, Fujitsu, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Sharp.
  • Over 100,000 man years of development
  • Over 300,000,000 Symbian devices shipped


  • Incremental evolution, but big step forward in User Experience
    • Minimising unecessary taps! [Oh GOD that’s frustrating in Symbian^1]
    • Enhanced look/feel in transitions/transparency/fades
    • Multitouch support with gestures swipes and pinches (says in photos and video player…what about browser?)
  • HDMI output (confirms N98 HDMI?)
  • HD streaming
  • Multiple Homescreens
  • Multicore


We've seen this before in a Symbian Concept video. Note that it appears the screen has exceeded 640x360 and is not directly 16:9 - which I prefer as I've not found it a bit too narrow. JFourgeaud and sdweiss FTW!

  • Whole new User Experience
  • UI will take advantage of next gen graphics
  • Application layout will be updated for simpler, streamlined efficient experience [SEE screenshots]
  • Suite of applications themselves will be redesigned
    • Messaging will be conversation based (cool…but waiting until Symbian^4?!?!)
    • Calendar integrates email, allowing email responding via calendar UI
  • QT becomes standard environment which applications are written on.
    • Simplicity of QT
    • Power of Symbian
    • Cross platform support with maemo?

Check out the roadmap yourself: Click

Via [from Cambo078]


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