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| June 11, 2010 | 10 Replies

As you all know Apple announced the iPhone 4 on Monday with relatively underwhelming features, that were made to look like Apple invented them, by using buzzwords and other things that would make an average American journalist pee in their pants in excitement.

Now at these Apple keynotes at the end of the keynote Steve usually shows off a video where  basically Apple’s management get together and try to sell their products as hard as they can using words as “Magical”, “Revolutionary” and so forth.

Now with this particular iPhone 4 video Scott Forstall was talking about how “FaceTime” (Video calling) was gonna change everything again and how Apple are all about connecting people. Now you heard that right, CONNECTING PEOPLE!!! Nokia’s slogan for like donkeys years, and now Apple come in and bring out bullshit statements on how they are gonna change how people will communicate forever using Video calling feature, a technology so old that no one cares any more.

Well as Nokia has a pretty big social network web presence they posted their response on their official blog which you can read here by saying:

“we are flattered”

pretty funny and light hearted I would say.

I will admit that we haven’t seen a comparable device from Nokia in years or what the media want to call the “iPhone” killer but when was the last time Apple released REVOLUTIONARY features to the iPhone since its original introduction in 2007 ?

Now I don’t mean a 5 megapixel camera or LED flash or wallpapers, REAL REVOLUTIONARY things, well i cant remember.

Apple  are at this phase now where they are coasting and releasing small features and because they are Apple the media will still pee in their pants for excitement, when a traditional handset maker makes incremental upgrades they get slated, anyway just wanted to release some anger based on the treatment Nokia the media.

Let me know what you think in the comments

Now back to the World Cup for me 🙂


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