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After Meego’s spectacular world official unveiling (sarcasm :-)) the team also unveiled a short video of a disguised device (I think) running the OS


Meego looks very promising and I like all the colourful background, I hate the icons too much Samsung touch wizzy thing going on but I am hopeful they will sort that out. But is has nice TRANSITIONS YYEEESSS !!!! 🙂

Now I don’t have a clue what the device is but my first guess was the N900 now I am not so sure but anyway enjoy the video


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  • My head exploded when I saw rotate transition. Then I sadly realised it was photos. Then it rotated for real in menu. Fuck yes. finally.

    • dave lewis

      I think the most important thing to remember is that Qt apps and games written for MeeGo will also work on the N8 and N900. It’s a great day for Nokia fans!

  • andre

    yes! Good on you jwf

  • btw, the device is AAVA! They showed MeeGo before but then turned all Android…now they’re back?!

    • andref1989

      I suspected it was an AAVA, ah well, atom sucks for the most part.

  • Mark

    And it is running on an atom… 🙂

  • John Wiegand-forson

    Yes I did like the transitions as well but I hate those crappy Samsung style icons they better sort those as much as they have been criticised I prefer the ones Nokia currently use. I want and N9 now though !!!!!!

    • And while this is going on, there’s a gingerbread to fear.

      I hope there’s enough push that whilst at MeeGo 1.x and waiting for 2.0, Android 3.0 doesn’t overwhelm. It might reach iOS4 polish.

      • andref1989

        I don’t know what to expect from Gingerbread, google’s development is crazy and not at all planned to the extent that say apple’s is.
        But you never know, the differences between android 1.0 and 2.2 are staggering

        • Gingerbread will have completely revamped interface, support for 1280x720p screen. HTC sense/motoblur/rachel/other skins will die (well they’re only gonna be on 2.2 devices or less which will be kept for cheaper mass market.)

          mmmmm competition tasty.

          Hope 2011 means no more catching up for Nokia but instead leapfrogs (literally in product and in mindshare with great marketing. Heard some chicks talking “tech” about their marvellous new iPhones….-_-…how they do apps which no other phone does -_-)

          • andref1989

            Haha on the chicks LOL.
            But the minimum requirements etc that I saw for Gingerbread indicate it’s something big.
            I’m with you on Nokia no longer playing catch up.
            720p screens in 2011

      • andref1989

        Just sent you an email.

  • Mark

    WOW, I just noticed the mouse pointer in the interface. Looks like this will be completely usable with a mouse & keyboard. Basically, a portable linux computer, that can connect to kb and mouse through Bluetooth, connect to monitors over HDMI.

    Can you imagine hooking that thing up and whipping up open office from your phone.
    This makes the competition looks pretty weak… 🙂

    • Roger Johnson

      You do all that is entirely possible with the N8 too don’t you?

      • JFH

        Yes I do know that, but the N8 wont be able to run openoffice, and this can. So while the N8 will be cool doing that, MeeGo can be a totally different level.

  • andre

    meego looks pretty and im sure nokia’s hard at work on hardware that it’ll run on…i’d bet money on it being omap4 powered, they said they were shipping to oems at the start of the year if i remember correctly.
    So hopefully we see some real hgh end hardware and the software to back it come the end of the year

    • I will sell my dog if this has xenon.

      OK, maybe not. But I must have it regardless as this may just be too powerful a Nokia to ignore. As much as I will love N8 and Photos, that browser sucks donkey balls.

      • JFH

        Yes way.

        • andref1989

          awesome, JFH, hahaha. Didn’t know you really did post here.

      • andref1989

        The browser needs to die.
        It needs to be wrapped in an oil covered blanket, lit on fire, shot, then shoved in a pit and buried for all eternity. LOL
        That said, I’m probably going to buy the N8 because I haven’t had a camera in ever and the 5800 is getting a little old on me.
        But I digress, I’d probably sell something if the N9 had MeeGo AND xenon

        • JFH

          I am pretty sure the N9 & MeeGo will be the nr 1 browser out there, just like MicroB was.

          • andref1989

            Hoping so.

        • Roger Johnson

          You have heard of Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian haven’t you? 🙂

          • Andre

            I use it, daily 😛
            main browser for the most part too, just would rather a decent default is all

  • chfyfx

    nice. thx for the news. waiting eagerly for N9

  • mja

    I’m trying to figure out a way to install meego on SD card and give it a try on my N900.. Will report success (or utter failure) 🙂

    • andref1989

      Send a few vids if possible.

    • NokiaRocks

      Would love to see it running on my N900 too.

      • andref1989

        Check the downloads section on
        Or read the MeeGo day 1 post here 🙂

  • tarun

    happy to see blog growing greatly….

    • John Wiegand-forson

      Thanks we are happy to give the community Nokia news 🙂

  • GordonH

    Whoooaa…. that UI looks great. The N8 looked good but meego is just sexy.

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