MeeGo Handset Guidelines: More details and screenshots of MeeGo Phone UI

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Freshly pressed from the MeeGo site are developer guidelines. It’s a very interesting read about the Brand New MeeGo Phone UI. Cheers for heads up Andre.

  1. Introduction
  2. MeeGo Basics
  3. Designing your Application
  4. Theming
  5. Appendix

These are only some of what the document includes.

Check out multitasker. Linear N8/Pre like then N900 like grid. WIN. Also check out that 4*4 grid icons (not 3x4 like in the screenshots)


Linear view doesn’t seem to just scroll left or ride, the panels flick across. Pinch zoom for grid view (up to 3×3). Very nice as it gives the option of the more eye catching linear view and the more functional grid view. These thumbnails are live (not sure how live, like Maemo Live where  you can see videos playing, flash loading, photos rotating?)


The multitask/switcher button is on the screen at top left corner (i’d love a multitask button please, ala shortcutD n900).

To exit, click the X. I wish we had Palm Pre like swipe away.

A host of gestures:

The “new” Lock screen.

It’s new in a way that you move the lock BUTTON up into the wallpaper. That’s kinda cool and new in a way. I hope maybe you could drag the lock button anywhere (and not just linear up) otherwise it’s just a slide up with invisible track. Only when left in a certain area should the screen unlock.


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  • andref1989

    anytime man, just went through a little of it and I’m actually pretty happy with this 🙂

  • John Wiegand-forson

    WOOOAAAHHH this is looking good with every little bit of titbit we get about Meego does anyone know if Nokia will actually use this UI or will they put their own skin on ?

    • andref1989

      Hopefully skins for MeeGo are more like perennial applications that you can’t close or an option that you can turn off that doesn’t interfere too much with the underlying OS.
      Wouldn’t want another android-esque situation now would we.

      • John Wiegand-forson

        Hope so, I have just seen an interesting tweet from Eldar Murtazin who said this is not the UI for the N9 mmhhh very interesting indeed

        • andref1989

          Very, very interesting.

        • I’m waiting for his reply to Druv.

          Will it be better than this or will Nokia put a special ugly layer over it.

          • OK Eldar says N9 UI is much better! yes!

          • andref1989

            EPICNESS FTW!!!!!

          • John Wiegand-forson

            Sounds good to me though as an Artist and industrial design student i did like the cartoonish look though i hope nokia keep some of it and hope the fragmentation won’t be as bad as on Android

        • chfyfx

          nice. i was initially disappointed with the UI. it is a bit lifeless

          • Andre

            Supposedly the final build will have a bit more eye-candy to it, including icons moving when interacted with etc. Live widgets and thumbnails within the task switcher etc.
            They’re just trying to do the basics and get the OS running at a steady clip first.

  • Mark Anderson

    Nice. Like the website too.

    Got a Gmail so drop me a line if you want.

    • andref1989

      Mark somehow ended up here.
      I’m Spartandre217 from engadget btw

    • Thanks Mark 🙂 Means a lot!

  • JFH

    A good site defintely. How can we send in tips or do suggestions for articles?

    • Cheers JFH.

      My mail is jay[at] Will have to find some sort of common solution to let the other writers see a common account (or some other way of receiving tips/article suggestions)

      • andref1989

        Well, looks like some rapid growth/developments here 🙂

  • andref1989

    John Wiegand-forson :

    Sounds good to me though as an Artist and industrial design student i did like the cartoonish look though i hope nokia keep some of it and hope the fragmentation won’t be as bad as on Android

    Hints of fragmentation, while not likely to throw off the common user, will definitely negatively impact the blogosphere perception.
    The good thing, the UI is scalable, completely.
    Apps will remain compatible so long as the devices support the version of Qt used by the apps.
    The only thing worrying is the hardware capabilities when running programs.
    Given the rapid development of mobile technology and capabilities the phone OS may support the applications or OS updates but not to the extent that users would want to run the applications or newer OS on it.
    Gonna have to wait and see

  • Jim

    I hope to see a multitasking demo soon. looks promising.

  • Could the phone in the video be the Aava mobile?

    • Andre


  • IMarius

    Its looking very nice , all we need now is some idea of the hardware that it is going to be on. Role on Nokia world 2010, i bet there will some phones and tablets to show off, i am dreaming of a Meego christmas . Also looks like its going to be a dream to theme/skin , which is something i would be very interested in :).

  • Nick

    Nice thing about the Multitasking utility:

    You get a palm pre type ‘card view’, but zooming out via multitouch brigs an n900 type grid. AWESOME!!!!!!!

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  • Mario

    Will MeeGo be available for Nokia N97?

    • Andre

      Absolutely positively not.

  • Mario

    Why? Any explanation? Please!