1080p HD videos: Nokia N8 Blue hands on and Demo over TV out

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Ah, let’s take what seems to be our daily dose of some sort of N8 offerings.

Can you believe it’s still 2 months away from launch, but worse, it has been 2 months since announcement?

Anyway this first vid is in full 1080p glory, blue Nokia N8 courtesy of tecnozoom, see as found by


There are also three video demos via TV-out

TV-out: Video:

This is one of the demos of 5.1 dolby digital surround sound that comes with N8. After that we see a 3 minute clip of Tron (the longest video shown on N8 so far).

One thing that concerns me is the size of that file. 108mb at 3 minutes. How big is a 720p movie going to be? N8 max file size is 4GB right? Would we have to stick with stock 700mb DivX conversions? Well it’s certainly be awesome enough for your own recorded clips.

I love TV out on my Nseries. Always having your selection of favourite videos to just watch on the go, by yourself or shared with friends and family on the big screen. It’s still a wow moment from the first time I hooked up my N93 to now with N900 seeing the phone acting as a media centre. Now we’ve stepped up a notch with HDMI out and Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

No need for DVDs or DVD players. This is really useful if you’re mobile a lot. As a student, going from one friend’s house to another, there was always a TV but not always a DVD player. My N95/N82 was put to good use.



  • Check out the multiple face tracking of N8
  • Also note the super fast camera and how much the N8 lights up people’s faces (illumination wise – the people look annoyed in the photo, did he ask them to smile? I don’t speak Italian so I don’t know what’s been said)
  • You’ll see the familiar photo editor, a long feature of Nokia phones (but something Nokia glossed over until others began touting it as revolutionary)


Nokia N8: usb, social hub, mail

  • File browsing seemed quick as was opening pdf
  • Trying to read large blocks of text with the Nokia font is like grabbing pens and stabbing your eye.
  • I love Nokia Messaging. It pushes email to my Nokia before Gmail even picks it up in my inbox. Just add your address and password and you’re set.
  • Multiple mailbox widgets is something I’m looking forward to. Although I forward mail to one account, some important ones are missed due to large volumes of mail. Separating certain accounts with visible email widget would help a lot here.
  • Camera recording this goes wrong and focuses on the corner for some reason.


There’s nothing here we haven’t seen before. For some, Symbian^3 doesn’t seem sufficiently new to be exciting. But it doesn’t have to be for where it’s positioned. If you’re after a new revamped UI, wait for MeeGo (maybe Even S^4, but more MeeGo).

Taking the N8 on it’s own merit, it’s an excellent multimedia smartphone that will really go the distance based on the multimedia features alone.


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