Rant: The death of another Symbian blog and the loss of another one of Nokia's Evangelists

| July 1, 2010 | Reply
This started out a reply to a comment posted in one of my most recent articles which posted a link to Symbian-Guru’s Ricky Cadden and Dotsisx Rita el Khoury final rants and goodbye to the Symbian-Guru website and blog. A link to the post can be found below.
You should definitely give it a read.
I’m surprised but then I’m not. It’s been a frustrating time being a Nokia user, watching symbian’s UI dying a painful death over the years with little being done to repair it. (For the most part)
It’s been painful watching Nokia not release the brilliant hardware that we all knew they were capable of, especially if you were a N97 user.
As a Nokia user in the USA I can definitely sympathize with Ricky for the most part. It’s frustrating having to explain to people that no my nokia isn’t crap, and yes it does things you wish your phone could do. And wonder to myself why Nokia isn’t at least trying to market devices over here.
I definitely understand why Ricky made the step to end the blog after reading the rant and I hope for Nokia’s sake that Nokia World 2010 provides a reason for developers to jump on the platform, proper integration of the Ovi services with awesome hardware to make the public and the blogosphere drop their collective jaws and software that catches the eye and imagination while maintaining the great functionality of Nokia’s older operating systems.
This is truly a great loss. It’s been mentioned many a time,that Nokia has been losing the people that used to evangelize and were willing to evangelize and preach their platforms to the masses, the people that spoke to an audience that for the most part Nokia has ignored. The larger blogs like Symbian-guru and World Of Nokia are shutting up shop. How soon will it be before the users themselves grow jaded with the stagnation of the manufacturer and move on. How soon before interest in blogs like these are forced to close up or widen our audience so as not to drown in a quagmire of nothingness.
Good luck in all your future endeavours guys and appreciate what you’ve contributed to the Nokia community in your 3+ years of service.

Thanks kaiwangaila for the heads up.



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