Why do you use a Nokia ?

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A lot of negative comments have been written about Nokia in last few well lets *scratches his head*…… the iPhone arrived. It seems like every person who as a computer and an Internet connection has a negative opinion on Nokia phones, especially those who have never touched one. If you read “certain” blogs exclusively you would think that owning a Nokia is like owning a Sinclair C5 !!!

I mean there is a reason that 1.3 billion people use Nokia phones right or have they all been hypnotised well I haven’t so that means there are some good reasons on why those 1.3 billion people and I use Nokia phones.

Which Nokia do I use?

I currently use a Nokia E72 which was kinda a weird choice because when it came to buying a new phone earlier this year after my trusty N73 was starting to pack up I told myself I would only buy a full touch screen phone but ended up with the E72 anyway.

Here are some of my reasons for the Nokia E72:

  • Great design
  • Ovi maps simply amazing, I just want to get lost more just to use it, all though without A-GPS it takes a while for the phone to lock to the satellite
  • Good call reception and never get any dropped calls ask iPhone 4 users if you don’t know what I am talking about 🙂
  • Apps, now hear me out your probably falling off your chair right now laughing your head off as I mentioned the word Apps. One thing I noticed the number of apps on the Ovi store is definitely increasing and the quality is getting better to prime examples are Gravity and Wikitude World Browser now the latter is a reality browser which is AMAZING !!! I think its one of the new QT apps as while installing on my phone it was installing some QT stuff


  • I have only recently started writing about MyNokiaBlog but what I have noticed in a very short time is that there is great Nokia community and I am glad to be part of it
  • Themes, I have kinda got hooked on them there’s always a better theme after you have found a good one already which makes you want to hunt for more
  • Camera, the cameras on Nokia phones across the whole range is just stunning even on business phone like the e72 which is brilliant for a budding designer like me

My favorite Nokia

Its gotta be the Nokia N97, only joking its gotta be the N95 even though I never owned I have used it plenty of times but when I first saw the advert of the N95 my jaw dropped to the floor and I was truly amazed

There proof Nokia can innovate

BTW there is something about the song which makes the whole advert even better it definitely creates a sort of emotional connection I hope Nokia will use the song in future adverts. And you can listen to this song in its entirety here


Nokia’s I am looking forward to

Its gotta be the first Meego device that Nokia will release later this year, its the 5th stage of the their original Maemo strategy so in theory it will be the first consumer device, QT will hopefully bring more applications, it will hopefully feel finished compared to the n900

I was sorta looking forward to the N8 especially due to the 12 megapixel camera even though I don’t know too much about cameras but it would definitely get me into photography, but you know even the most optimistic Nokia fan has gotta admit what will happen with Symbian 3 ? and going forward will it be upgradable ? only time will tell.

The leaked leaked Nokia N9/N8-01/E7 looks really interesting especially with the supposed 4 inch screen I mean you cant go wrong with a big screen can you

Anyway let me know what you think in the comments why do you still use a Nokia and and which devices are you looking forward to


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