Eldar Murtazin's Official Statement on Nokia Situation

| July 12, 2010 | 18 Replies

Is he telling the truth?

Eldar Murtazin Nokia’s favorite person on this planet right now is as you might now in trouble with Nokia about the supposed Nokia N8 prototype, which according to Nokia is in Eldar’s possession of course he strongly denide the claim from Nokia and after getting plenty of attention form the Tech media and bad media for Nokia he has come out today with an official statement regarding the matter which you can read here

Some key points in his post

  • Nokia are feeding false information through their official blog and interviews
  • Received the N8 from a “Source” (which he won’t name which is fair enough)
  • The “source” is not a Nokia employee, doesn’t even work in the mobile phone industry
  • He had “access” to the device, never actually had the device in his possesion
  • At best was only allowed to play with the N8 a couple of hours at a time
  • “Sources” provided pictures and received no compensation for that
  • With the limited access he had he was able to draw some conclusions (really?!?!?!?!)
  • He can’t return the device because he hasn’t got it simples 😀
  • Apparently it is his duty as  Journalist to provide information that matters to the public (which I don’t have a problem with, but not on stuff which is half finished which is my problem)
  • He is not a Samsung consultant (I think he is to be honest considering the amount of love he shows towards BADA)
  • Nokia are apparently scared that Eldar would pass secret information to competitors
  • But he says it makes no sense as the N8 is shipped to developers and engineers around the world so why not go them (alright, good point)
  • He is a JOURNALIST
  • Belongs to some Journalist organisation that frankly I do not care about and shows of his ID to prove he is a Journalist
  • Nokia’s beef started with Eldar with the original 5800 way back when
  • Apparently Nokia didn’t replace faulty 5800 a la Apple and iPhone 4 after the earpieces where faulty Mobile-review (Eldar’s site) spent good money testing several units and Nokia still ignored them
  • Whole issue became even worse when Eldar got a prototype of the infamous Nokia N97 and their not so working widgets
  • Eldar was told that it was early software and was promised it would be fixed and he wrote an overly generous review of the N97
  • Calling the Russian Authorities on Eldar is ‘revenge’ on Nokia’s part

OOOOKKKAAAY seems like there’s a lot of background stuff between Nokia and Eldar and some things we will never know. It seems Nokia are trying to cover a lot of things here, now I am not trying to believe Eldar here but he makes some very interesting claims in his post and you know my respect for Eldar has grown a bit I have got to admit, most of the claims in his post seem legit to me and an N8 prototype could have surfaced from anywhere how about a factory in China?

One thing I don’t agree with Eldar is his review or early impression or whatever he wants to call it on the N8. I mean the N8 was very early prototype and a very early build of the software and the final software on the device will be nothing like his thoughts on Symbian 3 and the N8 when the retail version hits the shops.

So as a Journalist who serves the general public shouldn’t he telling the truth rather than making irrelevant comments on unfinished products ?

Anyway let us know in the comments on what you think, have you forgiving Eldar?


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