Ovi Music Store, Ovi Music Unlimited, & New Nokia N8 Music Phone Features

| July 12, 2010 | 14 Replies


When I first heard about this video I thought it was just a random Nokia advertisement because I have seen a very similar one to this one with the classic 5800, but Nokia seem to make music a important feature for the N8 with Ovi music Unlimited which “Comes with Music” in other countries. Nokia where asked if this name change was going to happen universally and they said no it is currently called Ovi Unlimited Music in India I believe.


Does anyone actually use Ovi music I don’t at the moment I have got to shamely admit I use an iPod Touch and iTunes for all that stuff, there’s no denying that Apple rule that market and even the Zune is pretty good, but with the cover flow style cover art on the N8 it seem like Nokia is taking music seriously again now if they just make the Ovi Music store DRM free I would be a happy bunny 🙂

Thanks for Marc L for the heads up


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  • Jim

    No I don’t. I don’t use any of the music stores. the reason is that I can’t find the music that I like, + plus I already bought my favorite music albums in a time when have 10 ringtones on a phone was a killer feature.
    Anyway the feature I think is great for a certain type of people, but I’m more of an old school guy, when it comes to listening music.

  • Keith

    I actually use Ovi Music to download my music and it works well. I do own an iPod Touch but I dont use iTunes to download Music coz 1. I can get free music from Ovi Music and 2. All the music I want is available on Ovi Music. And about the DRM lock, I currently use a software to make it DRM free to transfer it to my iPod. And I’ve heard that Nokia will soon make OVI music TOTALLY DRM free. So may be by the end of this year or so. N8 is the best and I’m totally gonna buy it 🙂

  • David Puffer

    I don’t use Ovi Music.
    I already download my music my own way and actually use the Zune software to manage it. Most people already use some other software such as iTunes, MediaMonkey or Zune. I’m not about to go switching. I use WMP11 to sync my music to my N97. If there was a way to sync with Zune or iTunes I’d jump on that.

  • GordonH

    Purchasing content from Ovi Music should be available worldwide. I think it’s important for expats, travelers and Nokia fans 🙂 worldwide.

  • Noel

    I do use ovi music…and it S***S… believe me… once you enter a genre and you want to search another album of genre it takes ages and ultimately you end up with finding it… Most important flaws is the player itself it is not at all stable… and if you try connecting to download a song 1 in 100 thousand attempts it connects to server to download… though when I browse apple store it works like a breeze…(Time for Nokia to learn very important lessons from its competitors) But the audio output of the player is clearly one of the best… And above all these you can only download songs through Nokia Music Vouchers supplied with devices and you cant buy them with money… This I have confirmed from dozens of Nokia stores in india…

    • GordonH

      Nokia needs to focus on all its Ovi Desktop client software. UI has improved a lot but stability and reliability needs to be better than the current state.

  • Chris

    Haha, “Look, I’m multitasking!” 😀

    All that Ovi jazz sounds really excellent, but once you start using the software on any of the devices involved… your experience is ruined. I just press “Quit”.

  • gruik

    At 1,11″. What waste of space… This lateral bar is completely useless… arf…

  • Douglas

    Taking music seriously again, all because of cover flow? Come on, have you all lost your minds? Is music really about PICTURES or about SOUNDS coming from headphones or speakers??

    Maybe I’m not “down” with the times, but would seem to me that people have lost sight of what listening to music is all about. It’s about how it sounds coming from the device, through the headphones or speakers, and into your ears. I could care less about all that cover flow stuff. I dumped my old iPod Nano (1st Gen) specifically because it failed to deliver in the one area that really mattered most to me; the way the music sounds. Songs had no feeling to them, and it ruined my experience. And that sound hasn’t changed at all on any iPod I’ve tried out since then, the iPhone(s) included.

    So, it would seem to me that since Nokia gives me a music player that allows me to create my own playlists on the go, allows me the freedom to use any means I like to load music onto my device, offers near perfect sound on my N97, and most importantly, offers me an 8 band custom adjustable equalizer with the ability to create and save new presets to fine tune the sound to my exact liking, Nokia has always taken music more seriously than anyone else.

    Now if you want to talk about the UI, that’s an entirely different story. But for me, the UI has little to do with my actual music experience.

    • John Wiegand-forson

      I completely agree with you there but since MP3 boom began sound quality has become second nature especially with the kids. When I first got my official iPod buds with my iPod touch I thought the quality was great after it broke I spent a good amount on a pair of Sennheiser’s and I started hearing sounds that I have never heard before I was astonished. Nokia haven’t really showed off any music functions except of the cover flow stuff anyway so you never know your desired functions might be included 🙂

  • ashu

    plz help me today i updated my nokia phone asha 311 nd after that my ovi music store is missing plz help me to get it back

  • Prasanth

    I am a nokia music subscriber till october last week. Nokia says My favourite music store shut down. But Now i cant download anything the new waste UI website of nokia about 1 month ago. About 1 month ago you will suddenly stop your website without any notification to the active customers. I lost my cash and waste my precious time.Whos take the action to stop my favourite music store??? Nokia ?? Microsoft ??? and I have another question: Is nokia music stay for only nokia lumia users????????????????????????

  • Siva.

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