Video: FX studio, an App for the Nokia N8

| July 28, 2010 | 10 Replies

Framestore just released five new videos about FX studio. FX studio is a visual effect app that allow you to add special effects to your video clips.

Some of these effect includes a headbanging penguin, a ghost, a canon effect, an alien tentacle, a UFO, a zombie arm, a meteor, a laser gun, an explosion and an interdimensional portal. You can also submit your idea via this animation competition, the best idea will be integrated into the FX studio app.

Here’s an introduction to the FX studio app:

[VIMEO 13652412]

How the app works:

[VIMEO 13672837]

The making of Ghost:

[VIMEO 13673187]

The Nokia N8’s camera and this app makes a good combination for entertaining video clips. Furthermore, the N8 isn’t out yet,so it should give plenty of time for Framestore to makes a bunch of other effects.

via: thenokiablog


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