Ari Jaaksi, VP of MeeGo Devices resigns

| October 5, 2010 | Reply

Well that’s something none of us expected. Given Nokia’s push for MeeGo as their singular high-end solution to compete with (read: crush) iOS and Android and the amount of buzz that has been generated both within and external to the company about this coming OS, it’s rather surprising that one of the most important men in charge of bringing these much-vaunted devices to the public is stepping down. This after 12 years at Nokia both on mobile browser development as well with Maemo/MeeGo and associated open source initiatives. I’m sure that the loss will be strongly felt within the company when he does indeed depart but we can rest assured that most of the work surrounding the upcoming MeeGo devices was probably finished in advance of the tendering of his resignation.

NB It takes around 12-24 months to create and productise any mobile device from concept to shipping.


Here’s to hoping that political and/or bureaucratic issues didn’t force Ari out and that he’s simply making use of the current period of transition in order to pursue new opportunities.

This news does make you wonder though, with 3 senior Finns leaving the company in relatively quick succession, does this signal a marked change in the type of thinking, management and communication that we can expect to see from the company in the future. Or is this a case of rats fleeing a sinking ship? Leave your opinions in the comments section

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  • this is no good sign – I fear that MeeGo isn’t on schedule…

    • Andre

      And why do you think that?

    • alex68

      According to my source, N9 release will be on schedule, the end of 2010. This is my update. In Nov, there will be a show of Meego, I suppose.

      I as well the market welcome this resign . But personally I have not expected that Ari and Anssi left ealier than other guys who should leave in the first place.

      • Andre

        That may be true but it’s the way of the world I suppose

  • chfyfx

    I think we could look at this in a slighter positive way. Nokia is not a Finnish company no more, but an International company. A more diversified senior member profile is an advantage.
    Nokia has stated that the schedule of meego is not effected. Hopefully, we will see N9 before end of year. Just think about the N900, it could have been so good by now.

    • Andre

      I agree with you on all those points. It wouldn’t hurt to have a more diverse corporate culture.
      The N910/920 could have been THE phone of 2010

  • For some reason, I didn’t feel surprised. Perhaps it was because an analyst mentioned a while back that a few more heads were expected to roll (after OPK and Vanjoki). Down with the supposed bureaucracy that has plagued Nokia development.

    Onto bigger, better, fresher start.I like what chfyfx said – Nokia is no longer a Finnish company – but an international company. Nokia’s strength is the global market and it’s good if the head honchos reflect this (though hopefully based on skills/expertise rather than arbitrarily being non-fin)

    • As long as Nokia does not define “international” as it is done in the United States too.

      That’s my only fear here. Personally I welcome some new blood, preferably non-Fin, but I do not think that blood should adopt the “US-centric” focus that most bloggers and tech sites, think Nokia needs. No coincidence, these sites are mostly US-based, hur hur.

  • what is the meego? for what it is related? i.e which product?