Nokia N8 (C) wins the blind shootout, confidently beats the Sony HX5 and smashes Samsung Pixon 12 (via GSM ARENA)

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Results are in from the shootout. The much favoured C (which many assumed to be the Sony HX5 digital camera) turned out to be the Nokia N8 (though others deduced it was N8 due to other factors). It was a clear first place for the Nokia N8 scoring 161 FIRST place votes compared to 32 and 24 for Sony and Samsung respectively.

The Sony camera took second place whilst the 3rd place CLEARLY was awarded to the Samsung Pixon 12.

This is QUITE startling given that dear ELDAR has compared the N8 against the Pixon 12 and Wave and somehow his shots make the Pixon 12 or Wave win pretty much time and time again. His comparison was supposed to make Symbian fans Cry more (according to his preview tweet). I didn’t bother posting anything on it – GSM Arena has done the job quite adequately.


Though looking at Eldar’s downright utterly negative review it is IMPOSSIBLE to see how he does not have a vendetta against “the company”. I wasn’t going to write this, but I read one amusing piece of CRAP after another, I fell for the bait.

“Unfortunately, there is no LED flash there. “

Oh dang. I can’t match iPhone 4’s LED. Oh wait, what’s that XENON bulb doing there? Darn you making photos better than LED. It’s so unfortunate. Now how are we going to upload blurry dark nights out when the Xenon flash keeps lighting up and freezing the action? Tsk, tsk Nokia.

“The camera doesn’t have Smile Detection, which would be quite logical once the regular face recognition algorithm is present.”

I have smile detection on my Samsung camera. It’s utter BULLSHIT. It’s a neat little gimmick but for general photo taking just face recognition is perfect enough.

“Unfortunately, Nokia has never had adequate camera software developers; the company hasn’t devoted much attention to cameras and has always lagged behind the competition.”

“Unfortunately, designing cameras has never been a priority for Nokia and the company is reaping the fruits of its efforts these days.”

Poor Nokia. Poor Nokia winning the TIPA Imaging awards time and time again. Poor N95, N82, N86 – damn these camera centric devices which have never been a prioirity for Nokia.

“Digital zoom is restricted to x2 because the picture gets noisy at the higher levels and Nokia is not able to handle that”

If we wanted, we could have 16x shitty zoom. 3x for video 2x for pictures. FRANKLY for images I would NEVER want to use DIGITAL zoom. However magical that zoom is. For video however we have seen that the N8’s performance is fantastic, pulling up detail out of no where. Why always so bloody negative? And lets do that test NOT with text huh?

Digital zoom was limited to the point where there is no obvious quality degradation. I’d be happy to see no loss in quality at 4X.

“For regular customers, the Nokia N8 is not significantly better than the Apple iPhone 4.”

I beg to differ.

“I hope that my samples are obvious enough to prove that the camera in Nokia N8 offers nothing extraordinary despite the soundbite from Nokia, its marketing and PR departments.”

NO. Not your Samples, not at all. Unless GSM Arena are now marketing and PR departments. I think it’s extraordinary that a phone can be beating dedicated digital cameras. Oh, and where does your beloved pixon come? Oh, yes, let’s see. LAST. 3rd behind the Sony (in second) and Nokia N8 at first.

“Pictures cannot lie and reveal the truth”

Yes they bloody can. If I smear shit on the camera and all your pictures come out shit then the camera is lying. If camera magically over saturates photos yes they can. If I add warping filters, yes they can lie. If I don’t focus properly then the images are lying. If I move suddenly then the images are lying. If I use digital zoom and pass that off as not using it then the pictures are lying. If I take pictures in different lighting settings then the end result could be lying (if I make users think both were in identical test criteria).

The one that lies the least is the Nokia N8 as it does the LEAST post processing.

“There are software issues, which will not be solved by Nokia, because of involved expenses”

It is so easy to add a simple saturation filter that would make N8 photos appear like your cartoonized melody produced by iPhone 4. (If “vivid” option isn’t already enough for you)

“It is decent and offers above average quality, but is not a top photo solution, which could leave rivals gasping. Such old models as Samsung PIXON12 and Sony Ericsson Satio provide better quality. The difference is easily detected”

Reviews by MobileBurn and IntoMobile have called the N8 the best camera phone ever. That seems to be top right now?

The difference IS easily detected. With the N8 producing the better photos.


“if you’ve read our Satio vs. Pixon12 shootout, you’d know that the Pixon12 is at least as good as or even better shooter than the Satio.”

Sooo if Pixon12>Satio and N8>Pixon 12 then N8>Satio? Oh my what a shock. From these results also Sony HX5>Pixon12, similarly N8>HX5, thus N8>Pixon 12. How many permutations do we need to show N8>Pixon 12? At least based on GSM Arena’s obviously Nokia funded results and all those hundreds of consumers out there producing stunning photos with their obviously fake Nokia N8s.

N8>Sony HX5>Pixon12>Satio. I don’t speak Russian but I’m guessing coming first means being top.

“Taking into account the fact that this camera costs around €70 you pay an inflated price”

WTF? It cost that much to physically build? What about R&D? What about the things AROUND the camera? What about the other features of the phone? How much did the camera in the iPhone 4 cost? How much is that unlocked? 799GBP?

I’d go on but there’s pool and karaoke at the pub ^_^ “wooooah sweet child of miiiiine” :p. haha

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