Video and Gallery: Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type unboxing and first impressions (P)Review

| October 8, 2010 | 26 Replies

Apologies guys, this post became larger than anticipated.

We have another package from WOMWorldNokia – this time the Nokia X3-02 – the newer X3 sporting TOUCH AND TYPE.

Click here for device details.

It arrived yesterday and I wouldn’t have known it was at the package centre but for some reason I made scenic route and was rewarded with a parcel notification.

In short – for first impression:

The X3-02 is a brilliant handset – solidly built, brushed aluminium at the back, ultra compact with a ridiculously sensitive resistive touch screen display – almost like a capacitive one. A video above and gallery is included.


2. Box Contents
3. Size Comparison with N900
4. General Handset Hardware Overview
5. Usability?


This is the usual compact, green-friendly packaging from Nokia.

X3 doesn’t come with a see through screen protector so this had to come off. They’re useful instructions though on getting content to your X3 from the Ovi Store.

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2. Box Contents

Box contents include:

  • Charger
  • Manual and Ovi Leaflets
  • Stereo headset
  • BL-4S 860mAh battery
  • Nokia X3-02

The X3-02 comes in Blue (Petrol Blue), Pink, Lilac, Black (Dark Metal) and White/silver. The back is brushed aluminium.

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Size Comparison with N900

It’s very, very slim and fits perfectly in the hand. Having the N900 as a main device, x3-02 feels like I’m just holding the N900’s battery

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Below: Alphanumeric text key layout with bottom row relocated on the right hand side. It does take a bit of getting used to but that you will. There’s a dedicated music button and messaging button. Pressing the music button brings up the music player controls in ANY menu.

The screen is QVGA 2.4″ and as mentioned, the most sensitive resistive display. Due to the touch screen, there are NO navigation buttons.


left side is clean, with only a button that’s mirrored on the right hand side to remove the battery cover when pushed simultaneously.

The right side with Volume Keys, Lock Button and corresponding button to unlock the back cover

5MP camera at the back – no LED flash. Out of interest this captures QVGA video at 20fps. Not a camera centric device at all. The brushed metal (brushed aluminium alloy ?) is stunning.

3.5mm jack for any headphones, micro USB connector point (can charge through micro USB too, nice touch) and standard 2mm Nokia charge port.

Very loud and clear speakers at the bottom

Two buttons either side simultaneously pressed removes the back cover for access to the battery, SIM, memory card and wrist strap.
The brushed aluminium back cover. It has two asymmetrical stubs. These are often the parts that break off first but being metal, this should be less likely to happen.
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5. General Usability
Well, I haven’t really used it yet so I can’t comment on true usability.  Just some instant impressions: Menu is pretty quick, apps open pretty much instantly. I have already synced my contacts over from N97 to X3 (though initially from N900- long story. Wish contact transfer could be a more painless affair. Perhaps the centralised Ovi Account – that never worked for me). Camera very basic – no camera button. Zoom in gallery is surprisingly smooth though the photos aren’t too great (then again will have to try this outdoors at day time)

I’ll come back to this in a few days or a week. Any questions, feel free to comment below.

BTW, (Nokia N8 coming soon for testing :D)

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  • JFH

    I am not sure how you find the time to do all of this but this is one extensive review dude.

    • Cheers – very rushed, juggling many things at same time. Like Nokia OSes – no fake multitasking here 😀

  • Jim

    Hi bro. thanks for this post. My girlfriend is buzzing me all day about this phone. can you make a video with the operating system ,specially browsing pictures. thanks

    • Sure thing, will get around to it sometime this week. Still trying to get a feel of it. Picture browsing is nice, supports swiping and great organization of photos. Will elaborate in future post.

  • John Wiegand-forson

    This is a great phone definitely underrated due to it being a “dumphone” so tempting to buy one of these as a companion to the monster that is the N9 (when it comes out :-))

    • Yup, it’s a great little phone. And by little, you constantly feel like you’ve lost it when in the pocket :p

  • kevinaux

    I was under the impression that the X3 T&T supported USB OTG. I remember the previous unboxing by Mobile Burn here you’ll notice at the 2:40 mark, the video shows USB feature on the manual. But from the looks of it the USB OTG cable does not ship with this. I understand cost might be the reason to not ship it buts is this cable widely available from a non-Nokia source.

  • Dan

    This ‘dumbphone’ looks pretty smart to me! Having wifi, ovi store access and a 5MP camera are the killer features for me. The UI is also quite beautiful. S40 is definitely cool again 😀

  • caribala

    I need this one with FLASH and GPS.
    Any news?

    • It plays youtube videos via the player. Not used extensively though. Not sure about GPS, guessing not.

  • Raphé P. Soto

    Hey there, nice review. T9 keypad traditionally comes with a directional pad that speeds up one-hand usability. Now that there’s no physical directional pad, how does it fare in your opinion? Can I operate the phone without looking while, say, walking through a crowded street?


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  • Kejia L.

    Thanks for the review. I’m thinking about buying one from Hongkong. I was kind of hesitating between this one and 6700 classic at first but then I wanted to try something new (I’m using a 6500 classic currently which is similar to 6700 c). I just have one quick question: what is the phone made of? I know the back lid is made of aluminum but what about the rest of the phone? I really hope it’s not plastic…

  • deepak

    when its come in market???????????

  • rhona

    hi! thanks for this.. you said that since it’s touch screen, it does not have navi keys.. what about when the touch screen gets broken? does it mean you can’t use the phone since you can’t get to menu using the keypad? and does it have a stable software? sorry, im a noob here 🙂

  • steven

    im thinking of buying this phone do you think it would be better than my old nokia n95? pity the camera doesnt have flash 🙁 and whats the video quality like on it? thanks.

  • Sam

    i came to hear a problem with this nokia x3-02 touch and type that the phone restarts or shut down automatically without no reason ,Is there any problem is there in this phone…..And how is the battery for this phone ????plz say wheather its having the restart shut down problem …plz

    • James

      I have one and it doesn’t have the restart shut down problem… I’ve had it for about 2 months now and its been working well. Only thing I don’t like is I can’t paste a number from a contact into a sms. I can only attach the whole business card, which I don’t do…

    • Adam

      I have had the restart problem. Whenver I saved a contact or sometimes just pressing a simple feature on the touch screen the phone reset itself. It only last for a few seconds but it is dissappointing because it is a really nice phone. Orange sent me a new handset which has reset itself once in the last two weeks so I am hoping that was a one off.

  • Denis

    My phone restarts over and over again, and when I put it on some cold place it begins to work, but just for few minutes, and then i have the same problem again…I LIKED THE PHONE SO MUCH, BUT I HATE IT NOW, CAN SOMEONE SAY ME HOW CAN I REPAIR IT ??? OR WHAT CAN I DO?

  • Rony

    Battery of this phone is very poor. I bought it 3 days ago and charge its battery full last night and now in the morning its one cell down without using it.

    • moss

      same thing nokia have took it back to sort it figers crossed

  • zas

    Well this mob is fine by size and shape, but the real issue is: it has very bad camera result while mentioning 5 Mega Pixel? That’s the real crap. Even having 2 mega pixel cameras mobile are best than it.

  • sim

    this phone has a very poor battery life. just bought it 3 days ago. i dont use it for a whole day and it goes to one bar.

    • go buy a new battry would be better cause this phone battry is sux ….. i bought a new one and it’s oke with me

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