Videos: PhoneArena's 2 Part review of the Nokia N8 – a good phone? Of course it is, we'd even go so far to say it's a GR8 phone

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PhoneArena reviews the N8 wondering if it lives up to all the hype.

  • Design wise, N8 feels extremely solid – good weighting behind it.
  • Flat top and bottom edge – we were dubious at first but it really helps when picking up the handset.
  • AMOLED colours are really vibrant and pixel density is good.
  • In direct sunlight it’s still perfectly usable – though gloss may prevent from watching movies.
  • CAMERA – Nokia says this could double up as a compact camera replacement – let’s see if it does later on…
  • Overall, we really like feel of the N8 – due to the non removable battery, Nokiia have made it more refined – feeling solid dense and secure in the process.
  • S^3 doesn’t feel different enough or more to the point, LOOK different enough [oh boy here we go, ]
  • Very happy with the music player – it has been rethought through. Once opened, immediately brought to artists and albums – no wading through menu as these are all available within one click from the menu.
  • Album art and song integration list – really great idea – makes one handset scrolling a real pleasure
  • Loudspeaker is a littlebit tinny and not good for prolonged use
  • Photo viewer loads up extremely quickly. Given that these photos were taken by the 12MP camera, we’re really impressed by this.
  • There’s absolutely no lag – really happy that this makes the N8 a really good photo viewer and sharer.
  • Keyboard layout much improved – in portrait, half the screen is now for your message
  • In landscape, keyboard is extremely usable, with a lot of superfluous icons taken away. (ODD, this is something eve Steve Litchfield has issues with)
  • Video playback – thoroughly impressed with the N8’s codec support – it just works seamlessly.
  • Really great, N8 can double up as a media hub through HDMI – Really is a multimedia solution for all occasions.
  • [quite a big general overview on the camera.]
  • Web pages loaded on N8 well, but S^3 browser quite jerky. We’re sure Nokia is going to remedy this in the future. We found ourselves switching to Opera Browser, even forgoing pinch to zoom
  • USB – to go functionality is fantastic.
  • Overall S^3 is a little bit of a let down, whilst it does do a good job of anything it does and doesn’t royally stuff up anywhere, design wise it’s just not pretty. [woohoo, come on style over substance]
  • When iOS and Android are stealing the show are making us want to use it, Symbian is lagging behind a bit, not paying enough credence to design which to this day and age is becoming increasingly important
  • N8 a good phone? Of course it is, we’ve even go so far as to say it’s a great phone.
  • One of the best if not the best camera we’ve seen on a mobile phone [the latter boys]



Whilst we can argue about S^3 usability, in terms of Symbian as a whole, erm YES Symbian ARE paying attention to design of their UI. That’s why there is S^4 – but good to know that whilst achieving all the functionality through the current UI with a rating of “good job” is deemed a fail, for the intended market – this should be more than enough and the N8 will satisfy through the host of multimedia features with a decent UI that pulls it off without frustration – leading to MOST importantly, an excellent overall USER EXPERIENCE of the ENTIRE handset.

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