reaches 400,000 views in October (477k)

| November 1, 2010 | 31 Replies

I was astonished that we were able to maintain 300,000 from July to September. In October, we grew a little bit more and reached a new milestone of 400,000 views. 477,628 to be exact.

Your tips/suggestions/findings to or have been immensely appreciated and have been such a huge factor in keeping this blog not just alive (despite all the writers’ outside life commitments), but growing. I feel like it’s yournokiablog too :D And for that thanks! Thank you to the readers, commenters, those who mention our posts on other blogs/forums/sites/twitter/facebook etc. We love you for that :)!

Many thanks to MNB Crew for their hard work, making awesome blogposts and keeping up on the discussion.

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I’ve said this for far too long now but I will get around to changing the site appearance to make it easier to manage. It’s just one Uni thing gets piled up after another. (e.g. Like today’s hospital placement, and tonight’s Sum41 gig and tomorrow’s Symposium stuff, PBL things etc, etc). I’ll be asking for your suggestions on how we can improve this site (once we eventually make the move to self hosting/new theme etc).

ok. gtg. totally late again.

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Hey, thanks for reading my post. My name is Jay and I'm a medical student at the University of Manchester. When I can, I blog here at and tweet now and again @jaymontano. We also have a twitter and facebook accounts @mynokiablog and Check out the tips, guides and rules for commenting >>click<< Contact us at tips(@) or email me directly on jay[at]

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  1. Jim says:

    congrats, however 477k is almost 500k rather then 400k

  2. Average Joe says:

    This blog does a much better job of providing Nokia-related information than many big sites having an even bigger budget. Congratulations.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Thanks. But other Nokia blogs cover lots of interesting things we weren’t able to cover and I think most actually have no budget (like us) and for the most of it do this as like a spare time thing.

      I’ll see what I can do when I migrate over to self hosting and actually reply to all those advertisers’ questions.

  3. Dave says:

    More congrats from here – Jim is right, you’re closer to 500k than 400k.

    This is what comes of writing intelligent, well thought out articles. Not the fanboy type of commentary that can be found elsewhere on the web.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Thanks Dave. It’ll be hard to even keep up with 400,000 again next month. :) October was a big blip due to early N8 testing. I don’t think there’s gonna be anything in Nov that interesting to cover.

  4. Roger says:

    The key thing that makes me read this blog is you get most if not all of the available news re the N8 and other new platforms – it’s great to hear of the latest news you don’t get elsewhere and i like you are happy to link to other sites if needed.

    The other main one i read is AllAboutSymbian which misses much of the news you cover but does provide very good, fair and accurate analysis. Between u both it goes a long way to correcting the ignorant rubbish about Nokia/Symbian published on other tech sites.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Thanks Roger.

      Alternatively we can be accused of just blogging mainly about N8/What ever high end is. All N97…All N900…All N8 haha. Possibly because that’s just what we (or at least I) find interesting. But we try here and there to blog about the “dumb phones” and other smartphones.

      AllAboutSymbian is the ultimate resource for Nok/Symbian for me. Rafe Blandford and Steve Litchfield are the head-honchos of this game :)

  5. JFH says:

    Jay, well done. What you do is much appreciated. Have you considered creating a app through the ovi app wizard? With a monthly audience, this will surely be a succes.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Thanks JFH! I actually did try to during OpenMobileSummit like live on video. Ha, that didn’t go too well. But thanks for reminding me, I’ll give it another go this afternoon.

      *makes post-it note on wall*

  6. Tõnis says:

    Nice to see my hometown Tallinn in the picture above :)

  7. Keith says:

    Thats AWESOME! 477K is very impressive! Keep up the hard work guys! :D

  8. mja says:

    Nice job!

    On another note, my wife studies in Uni Manc. Do you know if it’s possible to set up uni (student) email on the N8? Would IMAP work maybe?

    • Andre says:

      Nokia messaging can be used to set up push mail with most Uni mails. The only issue being knowing the server address.

      If you can find that it should be a piece of cake

      • mja says:

        It was hidden pretty well but found it eventually (something like – which makes a lot of sense for university of manchester)

  9. Stylinred says:

    i see the number 47 EVERYWHERE it’s getting a little too eerie i feel like im in the movie Number 23

  10. mj says:

    what you need now is…

    a million here and a million there ;)

  11. Zarsky says:

    I started to read this blog about 2 months ago and it’s been awesome!

    Keep up the good work.

  12. chfyfx says:


  13. Hany says:

    Congratulations guys :D
    Started reading MNB since ever.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. alex68 says:

    Congrats for the all time high record. Ovi store also hit the all time high daily download record 2.7M as of Oct 28.

    BTW, dudes, check the N8 trend in all region against IPHONE 4, SGS and HTC Desire.,+samsung+galaxy+s,+apple+iphone+4,+htc+desire&ctab=0&geo=all&date=ytd&sort=0

    N8 just released, without the major update release which includes a number of new features and a big pile of improvements. Now even in Finland N8 is in short of supply in stores. People have to wait 2-6 days。 For certain colors, the waiting time is 2 weeks. Workers at Nokia factories in both Beijing and Salo need to work overtime. Salo factory is hiring extra temporary workers for an 1-3 month contract. The capacity of factory product is +200K/W. New phones will be sold with fixed or updated software. It certainly helps to improve N8 customers’ satisfaction. I am expecting to see N8 trend will be up all the way.

  15. Raj says:

    COngrats Jay and other staff. By this time next yr i am sure we’ll have more than million hit a month.

  16. Bharadc23 says:

    Great work @jaymontano :)

    i have to say this is my most favourite blog and i am happy for it… i wish you and your team’s work reach 500k viewers soon :)

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