Nokia N8 Saving Engadget Editor’s WP7-killed microSD Story on Engadget

| November 17, 2010 | 7 Replies

Yesterday, Andre wrote a post about how a Nokia N8 brought back to life Engadget Editor’s WP7-killed microSD, thanks to Antonio.

Some thought that Engadget wouldn’t dare glorify a Nokia by posting about such a story.

That’s now on Engadget 😀

So how does Nokia come into play here? Well, it turns out that Symbian is one of few platforms that is designed to handle a secured SD card properly — and sure enough, we were amazed to discover that we were able to use an N8 to recover our once-dead microSD card when seemingly nothing else would. Yes, the card was erased, but in this case, that’s seriously all we wanted — we just wanted to bring the card back to life. Very strange… and very good to know. Needless to say, be sure to keep a Nokia-equipped friend close by for as long as you own your WP7 gear

Note: Josh tried every device, even a PC but only the N8 could save the day.

Cheers to Yoel Gvirtz, Alan and Ayroth and of course Antonio for the heads up to

Engadget/ Andre – MyNokiaBlog

Say what you like about Symbian but we get things done 😀

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