GSM Arena's Screen Showndown: Nokia's CBD AMOLED – best contrast, best colours, better sunlight readability than Super AMOLED!

| November 29, 2010 | 21 Replies

The meticulous folks at GSM Arena (Thanks Aymen Kanzali for the heads up to have compared the display technologies used in HTC Desire HD, LG Optimus E900, Sony Ericsson X10, Nokia N8, iPhone 4, Nokia C6-01, Samsung Wave and Galaxy S.

Basically, LCD vs AMOLED vs IPS LCD vs Super Clear LCD, vs CBD AMOLED vs Super AMOLED.

Nokia C6-01 with Clear Black Display (CBD) AMOLED proves to be a mighty contender, having best contrast with the Wave, followed closely by the N8 leaving iPhone 4 behind.

For sunlight readability, CBD is in first place with iPhone 4, BEATING the SUPER AMOLED buddies Galaxy S and Wave to 2nd and 3rd place.

On best colours – Super AMOLED? No guess again it’s Nokia’s C6-01 CBD with best colour rendition, edging out the two SUPER AMOLEDS.

BTW, as an early concern of mine and highlighted by GSMArena, due to the N8’s super zealous Ambient light sensor, it appears that the screen is dimmer than what it can actually display as it keeps lowering light levels despite setting it to full.

GSM Arena goes into each display into more detail. Here’s what they’ve said about CBD AMOLED:


ClearBlack AMOLED (Nokia C6-01).

The invention of the Finns is not about the display itself. It’s the glass over it, which is said to act like a polarizing filter.

It may sound like just another gimmick but its real life benefits are huge. We for one, were pretty impressed with the Nokia C6-01 screen. With reflections reduced even further compared to the N8 you get to experience the full potential of the underlying AMOLED.

That means you get to enjoy the highest contrast in the industry (Clear Blacks share the lead with Super AMOLED). Artificial lighting no longer takes its toll on the contrast and even the bright sun has negligible effect.

Viewing angles are comparable to the best and the impressive color balance (a hard one to pull off on AMOLED) rounds off a thoroughly impressive overall performance.

Nokia is really going the right way with its CBD technology too – it’s just a matter of time before they lift that resolution cap and start using it to its fullest.

Well there you have it. Nokia are on the right steps with CBD. The only reservation may possibly be the over active ambient light sensor and screen resolution.

Fingers crossed for the Nokia N9 – Bigger display, Higher Resolution with CBD AMOLED.

via  GSM Arena


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  • Keith

    This is amazing! I didn’t know CBD was THAT good! C6-01 is like a beast for it’s price. Pobably a better deal for the money than N8 and C7 (ignoring N8’s camera and HDMI)

    “Fingers crossed for the Nokia N9 – Bigger display, Higher Resolution with CBD AMOLED”
    hope so. it should have at least 720p display with CBD. that’d be a killer!

  • Don

    I still think you can not credit a pentile display with the resolution of the red/green only, and yes you can see the difference between true RGB very well on eg the SGS.

  • Rant

    Never realised how small the C6-01 actually is. 😛
    As for the verdict, don’t really see it as the best. Since SAMOLED trumps CBD because of the integrated touch layer that reduces thickness for one.

    But based on colour and such I’d say that they are equal. DHD and Xperia are just the suckiest displays out there.

    • Roger

      So what you’re really saying is it doesn’t matter how many unbiased independent experts tell you the facts, or even if you saw it with your own eyes, you simply refuse to believe it. Oh well, hope you come round eventually.

      • Rant

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see it as the best because of some small engineering aspect that is different. I’m not dismissing it based on color alone.

        The test looks at color and visibility ONLY. For what I have seen, SAMOLED and CBD are somewhat equal with perhaps CBD just taking the win. But would have to judge that with my own set of eyes instead of a photo.

        The quality is somewhat equal so one can compare other features. Clearly the SAMOLED takes an advantage due the way it was constructed opposed to the CBD.

        Don’t percieve me as an Android SGS or whatever fan just because I say something against a Nokia product.
        For me a screen that is readible in sunlight and has above average color representation is good.

  • Smith

    Based on data other than provided in this test, including stuff I’ve seen on this very blog, I refuse to believe the N8 is beaten by the iPhone 4 on anything except resolution. Colour reproduction and brightness, and sunlit visability has been clearly proven in other tests to be better on N8 than iPhone, and indeed, equal to SAMOLED. It’s a shame that the cult of iPhone is so ingrained that some people can’t admit the truth and declare the emperor (iPhone) has no clothes.

    • Smith

      Just seen this:

      > BTW, as an early concern of mine and highlighted by GSMArena, due to the N8′s super zealous Ambient light sensor, it appears that the screen is dimmer than what it can actually display as it keeps lowering light levels despite setting it to full.

      Bingo. The N8 is better, it just needs a software adjustment to the light sensor sensitivity.

      • Rant

        I just noticed that, in the dark pic the N8 looks the worst of all but from what I’ve seen it is at least as good as most of the others in that pic.

      • Don

        Good point. It doesn’t help that on every forum the usual reply is to COVER the sensor to make the screen brighter, seems to be a difficult concept to grasp.

        You want a bright screen, shine some light into the sensor! Sensor sees darkness, screen brightness goes way down.

    • VV

      N8’s color reproduction and sunlight visibility may be better but when it comes to brightness N8 sucks.Actually let me rephrase that-when it’s bright it’s bright but that damn ambient sensor overrides settings and annoys the hell out of me.I really hope they give us an option in future firmwares or someone comes out with a hack or something to disable that stupid sensor.Every time i think about that ambient light sensor I start to see red!

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  • Abdulla

    I hate Nokia for not making the N8’s screen CBD now 🙁 Actually whatever, the screen is pretty good. And Im coming from the SGS. The only thing I don’t like is the brightness compared to the SGS, which btw totally kills the battery on the SGS lol.

  • Gaz

    FFS, there is a app for controlling the light sensor on all S^3 phones. Sorry for the outburst but it has been stated so many times but nobody seems to pick it up.

    Its called lightctrl 1.51
    Lots of options and auto loads on boot and hides in the background(not visible in task manager).

    You need to sign it yourself. If someone can find a signed version please post a link.

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  • hafiz4400

    Nokia E7 (Disember): screen resolution 360 x 640 px, AMOLED ClearBlack Display, 4 inc screen, HDMI mini C Connector.

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