Leaked: Nokia Nseries N00 Prototype C: 12MP, xenon and N95 form factor.

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Thanks Adnan who found this on eBay (via Symbian Tweet and Smartphone Arena)- here we can see what is supposedly a Nokia Prototype found on eBay. It sports a slide out keypad like the N95 family (N85, N86, N96) and bears a Carl Zeiss 12MP camera with Xenon Flash.

There’s also a kickstand like the N86. The eBay page names this as the N87 (rumoured a while ago as the 12mp xenon snapper – which we thought turned out to be the Nokia N8). N00 is quite normal for proto.

Is this an early prototype that’s been resigned to before even hitting the shelves or possibly something coming soon? It’s like finding a secret member of the family after all these years. The design on the face doesn’t look very contemporary. No one does sticky out buttons any more. Certainly not a splattering of them. A China clone perhaps? But no clone has ever replicated xenon. A remnant of a cancelled Nseries. Certainly would have been enticed by this more so than N96/N86.

The front sports a N86 like button configuration. The screen is quite sizable and based on the clarity of the font (it could just be printed – but it isn’t – notice the times changing in one photo to the next) it seems much higher resolution than the standard QVGA 320X240 of S60 3rd Edition. It’s at least 2.6″, possibly 2.8″. What on earth is that ditch in between the screen and soft keys?

The homescreen looks quite different to the normal S60 3rd Edition

At the back there’s an autofocus 12mp Car Zeiss Tessar 2.8/5.9 wide angle lens with Xenon flash. There’s also a kickstand like the N86.

For a slider it looks quite slim.

And finally, a glimpse into the revival of the N95 form factor. Well, I say N95 form factor, the N95, N85, N86 and N96 were all dual sliders. I’m not sure this can slide in both directions.

eBay << going for 799USD

Oh update. Seen Adnan’s other tip about Symbian Tweet

who sourced Smartphone Arnea who found the eBay auction.

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  1. Andre says:

    Interesting…. not sure what to make of this TBH

  2. Creip says:

    Looks like touch and physical keys combo, like the recent X2.

    Not very excited, but the great camera and great pocketability could persuade those who aren’t so excited about touch screens!

  3. Ravi says:

    I like the design of the phone.
    Looks like a fiery monster who’s going to eat all the iOS and android phones out there.

  4. Lars says:

    date says 05/01/2010 so this are old pics!?!?

  5. Ravi says:

    The phone surely isnt a touchscreen phone, just look at the interface of the standby screen, the ‘options’ and ‘search’ screen area is so small.
    Also the design of the phone reflects the design language of the N79/N85/N86 era.
    Hence I think it was supposed to be the successor of the N86 which was cancelled after the prototype stage.
    I also remember talks of Nokia cancelling some HVGA Resolution S60 3rd edition phones, probably last year, may be it is one of those?

  6. Keith says:

    This MIGHT be some sort of a clone but I doubt it coz the styling is quite Nokia-like and the form-factor and build quality looks good enough to make me think it’s an actual prototype. I think this might be an early project which Nokia abandoned or a future S60 3rd Touch & Type device…..

  7. llaadd says:

    If this is real, I won’t be surprised if Nokia “Disabled” the phone like they did with that other one that went walkies…can’t remember which 1 it was!

    I’m sure they would have built in some sort of self terminate if it isn’t connected to something every so often, etc

  8. Dave says:

    Very interesting design, possibly an early prototype for the camera unit that ended up in the N8?

    Screen is possibly the most intriguing though – it looks like its either considerably higher resolution than other equivalent N series (N85, N95), or possibly using much smaller (and better designed?) fonts. Looks like a higher resolution screen than seen on the N80 as well (which was 352×416).

  9. yoel says:

    If it’s something new, it used to be N0, as the N8 proto, right?

  10. alex68 says:

    A killed prototype.

    The hardware design is apparently inferior and old fashioned. No way to be used for any new phone.

  11. Rant says:

    While I don’t think this is any new phone coming out in some time, you can see styling cues that we have seen in previous phones.

    Volume rocker has a design like the N97 (mini), overall styling is like N96, N79 and the sorts. OS styling is something like S3 but non-touch. Speakers are X6 like.

    This did get me thinking; S60 3rd is aging badly. Will there be a non-touch S3 version?

    BTW; @jay (and others) have you read that article on AAS about the history of Symbian. Quite interesting stuff.

    • alex68 says:

      You, sucker of all Nokia’s leaks, got disappointed this time hehe;)

      • Rant says:

        Haha, big time :P

        One question just keeps popping up. In all the touch crazyness we’re seeing now, would a device like this (perhaps in touch and type form) work and sell?

        I’m a firm believer that touchscreens are here to stay since they allow for so much more flexibilty opposed to their keypad counterparts.

  12. Stylinred says:

    interesting, the ebay description says 10mpx oO

  13. gordonH says:

    A QWERTY phone with top notch hardware specs would be a great alternative to the boring e72.

  14. Abdulla says:

    I think this is what was meant to be a design project for the successor of the N86, but got canceled while the N8′s design got approved.

  15. dsmobile says:

    so old and killed product anyway.

  16. Average Joe says:

    The colour tones and the rounded edges make that phone remind appliances of the 70s. Just like the sharp edges and the vertical vents of the leaked “X7″ remind of the 80s.

  17. Emmanuel says:

    @Rant “Will there be a non-touch S3 version? ”

    Very good question… And will this version ported to the N97 ?

  18. Style says:

    I actually like this proto.. Make it a touch and type with s^3 i will consider this.

    3 inch capacitive CBD touch n type gorilla glass
    Symbian ^3 with updated browser
    N8 cam spec. With 3.2MP front camera.

    Then call it NOKIA N95X… Oh how miss my N95!

  19. Dave says:

    Sorry, but I’m almost in hysterics over this ….

    Its been detailed over at gsmarena as a possible coming soon device. Well, its possible, just very highly unlikely.

  20. Pablo says:

    they shut the auction down :(

  21. alex68 says:

    This prototype was 1.5 years old. It was accidentally forgotten by someone in a bar recently.

  22. john says:

    is that so ? how would you know? please enlighten us…

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