Toshl Expenses Tracker made entirely in Qt – Now available for Symbian^3 on Ovi Store (#N8 #C7) Manage your finances with ease!

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Here’s a neat little app we first encountered with the Nokia N900 and Maemo 5.

  • It’s a very, very easy to use expenses tracker to help manage your finances. At this time of the year, with the plastic and cash flying at Christmas, this app is a must have download to keep an eye on your money!
  • It’s available now (Symbian^3) for FREE on the Ovi Store.
  • It’s entirely made in Qt which the makers have said Nokia people were extremely helpful with. Overall, thumbs up for Qt especially over previous alternatives. More on this at the end of post.
  • I’ve tried it on the N8 and it’s a great app (more on this below).

This doesn’t just sit on your phone. You can sync your data from your other phones with the PRO account service which not only means you can monitor your data from any phone or PC but you’ll also get analysis graphs of your expenditure to give a visualisation and new perspective of your spending.

Thanks to Matic Bitenc we have a discount code for the first 20 people that gives you 50% off the one year service.

To Begin:

Just tap add expenses. You get a funky number pad of standard keyboard/calculator layout for those used to number crunching.

Then all you have to do is just name your tag (the keyboard pops up to enter text) or choose tags. You can choose multiple tags. Then that’s it, you’re done. That’s what makes this app great – it’s so easy and hassle free to add an expense (plus the app opens really quickly).


The more you use this, obviously the more tags will appear and the less you’d have to add your own tag.


On the phone it will show you today’s expenses as default view. You can change view from “This Month”, All Time,  and “custom”. I haven’t used it for more than a day yet (will update on this when I’ve used it for a month) but in Toshl’s screenshot you can see how it would look over time with expenses being listed chronologically and then grouped by dates.

You can view expenses by tags. (Tap the “Tag” tab at the top – would be nice if it supported swipe gesture). Each tag has a total SUM of expenses within a specified time frame and it will list each individual entry under that tag (even those included in multiple tags).

This is really useful as you can see precisely how much you’re spending on food/bills/apps/transport/alcohol/cinema whatever. You don’t really get an appreciation unless you have it visually laid out for you as this app does.

This screenshot would look better had I used it for more than a day.

Tags can be edited very easily in settings.

As you can see, from settings you can also log in to your account, change currency and set language. This is also where you register.

Note the double column view in landscape instead of stretching across the page. Nice job, reminds me a little bit of Maemo 5.

With Registration, I did have a problem with the fact that you didn’t know you were connecting to anything once you press “Done, Register me”. And there doesn’t seem to be a way of registering from the web.

To be fair, it isn’t helped that I have a crappy internet connection (poor signal area and no WiFi)


ok never mind. Possibly mostly my slow connection as I’ve just received an email saying I’ve just registered. Though app still staring at me blankly.

I forgot I already registered with another address for N900. So I try again, but nothing happens.


And when you Sync with Toshl you can graphs and you can export your data in text/excel/pdf formats.



What are you waiting for? Download it from the Ovi Store – it’s FREE!

About the Qt Experience:

“QT generally worked as promised, but while QT itself is pretty mature, there were some problems with the QT mobility APIs which are sometimes a bit lacking. Similarly the documentation could be a bit more complete. On the up side, the Nokia people were extremely helpful in the process to get us over the hurdles. So generally a thumbs up for QT, especially compared with the previous alternatives.”

Hopefully as Qt Fully matures it will be a much more streamlined experience, better documentation and complete API. On the user side, it’s a good enough experience especially for the first iteration on Symbian.

Oh and since you’ve read this far, here’s the Toshl Discount code:


$9.97 instead of the usual $19.95

tip: Put Toshl as one of your homescreen app short cuts for easy access.

In future releases, it would be nice if this was a homescreen widget, to make it even easier to put in expense details :).


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