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Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2011 already; what an awesome 2010 it has been! We would just like to thank all of our incredible readers as you have been absolutely the BEST any blog can get. And we’re not just saying that. Statistics show that 56% of our visitors are regulars – folks that actively come back and read this blog. And 8% were considered “addicts” by quantcast.

We just want to thank you so much for your participation with us, not only reading and sharing the news but making stories with your brilliant tips and the incredible discussions that take place. So thank YOU guys for helping spread the Nokia Love!

Stat counting was cut off a couple of days ago when the DNS switched but as of then we reached 544, 032 views for December 2010 with 4, 483,126 views total since beginning the blog in 2007, 3,664,803 of which was in 2010 and HALF of which was in the last four months of 2010. We’re still somehow in technorati’s Top 100 gadget blogs and also managed to pick up a spot in top 100 technology blogs. Go Figure! Things will be a little ropey now we’ve cut the cord (stat counter begins again from zero :p) but hopefully you guys will stick around with us. There’s a lot of exciting stuff for Nokia this year with the release of the much awaited MeeGo phone, tablets and New Symbian UI.

Plans for the near future:

There are still some issues that I haven’t yet resolved and are still planned over the next few days. Apologies for the inconveniences here. In no particular order (oh I’ve put this in quotes just to see what it looks like)

  1. is intermittently switching from the old view to the new hosted view. I’m not sure why, I’m hoping it’s just my ISP taking long to refresh Cache or possibly
  2. Our email addresses are currently disabled. has been temporarily disabled but you should still be able to contact us at whilst we sort this out. I’m trying to figure out how to get domain hosted gmail email with dreamhost hosting.
  3. Disqus comment system – openID system for commenting and should remove the spammage (boy, there is a lot of spam our end). I hope our regular commenters will find this ok though some will have to sign up for new accounts if you haven’t already (or sign in with some other social network)
  4. Email subscriptions and rss feed subcription currently NOT working. Specifically
  5. Our comments on the pages have disappeared and no new comments is possible. No idea what is up with that.
  6. Our writers are not yet back with us. During the import, odd new usernames was created for everyone but this should be fixed soon.
  7. You had some great suggestions over at Andre’s post on things we could implement and we’re looking closely into that. If was from feedback that we no longer include ALL posts in main blog view and put an excerpt instead, helping the site load a little quicker and look a lot neater. It was so annoying when the posts was all reloading one by one from 2007 to 2011 like a flashback with many of the earlier posts having bagillions of pictures to load. BTW half of the 1600+ posts were from the last 5-6 months.
  8. Embeded videos have broken. Previously we used a code that is now inactive with installation. New videos will have embed but we’re not sure how to go about updating all the other 1000+ posts.
  9. Sort other plugins/widgets/blog layout >> my edit post button is missing and also there’s a horrible row of links at the very top that I have NO idea how to get rid.
  10. The theme for the moment is the one column, one sidebar approach to keep it as clean as possible. There will be a rolling featured post thing going on. I’m not sure how this works
  11. Get a site logo and site icon for
  12. Automatic twitter posting is also currently disabled -_-
  13. Pick up new author(s) to cover wider range of posts.

The move was indeed very, very daunting but somehow we’ve made it through (though we’re not completely out of the woods yet).

Some shoutouts:

I want to thank EVERYONE who has just been so patient during our transition, assisting on the move to self host, keeping an eye on DNS propagation, and generally really useful suggestions on how to solve the move.

Thanks to your patience on twitter; the mass spammage of questions on my side was met with great assistance. Thanks @PoliticsPenguin, @inacurate, @DruvBhutani, @ZOMGitsCJ, @andre1989 @sajinseethi, @aktiwary, @the_accidental@nkumar_ @rwishi, @aminulahsan, @ash_768, @gletham, @everythingBlaxx, @llaadd. Much thanks to the folks at solostream themes, dreamhost and for their email/chat/forum assistance during the critical move stages. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out.

Shoutout to the awesome commenters and tippers: Jim, Keith, Adnan, Alex68, Roger, JFH, Mark Anderson, Dave, GordonH, Rant, Stylinred, Jakob, Mr Burland, Fahoum, Duncan, Gaz, James, Gadgetbuff, MD, Larry, John, DSmobile, Wes, Zonk0r,Michael, Charles, Pavel, Michal, Lina,  ikke, Chandru, Cocco Bill, Antonio, Simon, Pru, Alex, Thomas, Aryoth, Omar, Lisa, David, Bob, Juha, Anssi, Akshay NeNormAI, Georg, Tom, Webby, Kevin, Rubens, Gilly, IMarius,Danny, Raj, Fred, Evgeniy, Cod3rror (there are several users who I can’t remember how to spell their name on here, email tips and on twitter and anyone who I missed out, shout out to you.) ,msjen, Styles, Sam, N#O#R#U#L#E#S, ruhtinas, anton, zeko, vit, Alan, zymesh, maz, viperkid, bilal, Fadi, Alex, George, Petri, Chris, Mark, Joshua, Terukuri, Milan, Joshua, Mikko, Prittish, Richard, Simone, Smith, Don and man so many, many more of you (I hate doing shout outs because I forget the most obvious of folks – HA, Like our writers here, Andre, John, Hiren, Andy, Sergejs and Christian).


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