Nokia E7 Preorder UK at Play for £489.99 (Feb 1st release?) – N8 then was £479.99 – now £339.99 at Amazon!

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TheNokiaNetwork has seen that is listing the Nokia E7 fpr £489.99 with free delivery. Note that when the N8 first arrived at it was set at £479.99 and if you look around (not too hard I might add) you’ll see it on Amazon for a stonkingly good £339.99. C7 and C6-01 are also on Amazon for around£290 and £250 respectively.

Note that the price for the N8 and other phones may go up tomorrow with the VAT going up from 17.5% to 20% in the UK.


No sign of E7 on Nokia’s own channels for preorder though we did see it back in early December at for 679USD. This was back when we were expecting E7 in December 2010 (as stated by Nokia) along with the minor Symbian^3 firmware update. Given the “early 2011” now Feb 1st date by Play, should we expect the “50 new features” upgrade to be grouped together with the next expected firmware and E7 launch? i.e. no minor upate? Having said that, word on tweets is that pr1.1 is coming soon and will still preceed pr2.0.

Price all at - Finally UK customers getting it close the price US folks initially paid for it at launch :p



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  • Adnan

    what a shame if they r going to release it with PR 1.1 . It was originally supposed to be released in december (mind you PR 1.1 as well). Took them sooo long to release it and still with PR 1.1. I just dont understand what is taking them soo damn long. And i see too mistakes nokia have made here
    1) sadly they missed the holiday shopping season. If E7 had been released before christmas a lot of ppl wouldve gone for it
    2) if it is released in february i see quite a few ppl holding back. Because X7 is also about to be announced. Maybe E6 in a couple months as well. And of course the N9. Most ppl r going for E7 for keyboard. But well who knows. N9 might have a better keyboard.

    Ideal time for its release was mid-december. And Nokia missed it. Lets hope its for the good. (PR 1.2 plz)

  • Mendax

    I don’t want to be a downer, but I have friends who do what Nokia does:

    “Do you want to hang out tomorrow?”
    *Tomorrow comes*
    “Hey, are we hanging out today?”
    “Yeah… about that… I kinda have some last-minute things I have to take care of.”
    “Yeah, sorry about that. BUT! I’m totally free on Tuesday. AND! My parents are going away, so I’m throwing a party at my place.”
    “Sweet; I’ll definitely come out to that.”
    *Tuesday comes*
    *Friend doesn’t answer phone*

    *Friend calls back on Wednesday afternoon*
    “Hey, sorry about yesterday. I was really busy. Let’s hang out on Friday night?”

    …yeah, that was a bit long-winded, but that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

    I know that the process to get PR 1.1 ready is a long one and I firmly stand behind the argument that a product should ship with as few problems as possible, but… if it’s going to be released Feb 1st, don’t say Q4 2010. Nobody likes broken promises.

    Same thing happened with the N8 launch.

    • Stylinred

      hahaha ah… that’s the kind of friend i am :/

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  • uplug

    it already available in indonesia for rupiah 6500 but not big hit cause many communicator mania has change to bb mania, tried one of nokia distrib n retailer in indonesia the detail. Here no subsidy from carrier cause most of indonesia user are prepaid just pays as you go only.