Nokia N8/Symbian^3 Deferred messages bug.

| January 4, 2011 | 41 Replies

Have you experienced the “deferred message” bug? It’s quite annoying and has been a problem in Nokia since the old Symbian days. The issue:

    1. a message (sms/mms) fails to send,
    2. gets stuck in outbox as deferred and
    3. CANNOT be modified/deleted.
    4. Stuck with outbox/sending icon that confuses from actual status.

Up until Symbian^3 however, it was easy to just move the message back to drafts to edit/send. But now it appears to be a permanent issue until perhaps Nokia decides to fix this in next firmware update. Is this our version of the Apple iPhone 4 Alarm fail? e.g. (Though this has been an issue for many for several months).

Several Nokia N8 users, some C6, and C7 users too have experienced this issue. It’s a popular thread on Nokia forums and several other non-nokia forums around the web.

We CANNOT delete the message at all from the outbox. For some users, reported syncing with Ovi Store fixed it for them. Well, I think I managed to send the message but it’s still stuck in my outbox (btw, Ovi Suite 3.0 message sync is a joy to use now. Very quick whereas before it was a pain).

update from thejan2009:

“problem because of one-click interaction.. feature is still there but UI isn’t implemented properly…”

lol I even tried BT keyboard to see if it was a touch issue.

How else to fix? Some suggestions include:

  • Deleting the conversation
  • Hard Reset N8
  • Soft Reset N8

I find that “sending/outbox” symbol annoying. Some messages sometimes wait to be resent – or if I have no signal and need to move somewhere where I have signal to send. What If I just get used the the outbox icon and ignore actual important messages that are failing to send? How do I differentiate? Do I have to keep checking they’ve been sent? (Though message conversation view shows if a message is sent, so not that much of a problem really…just more the annoying icon).

Come on PR1.1

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  1. Nitish Kumar says:

    As I mentioned in my tweet as well, only option other than disaster methods like soft reset or deleting whole conversation, is to go via Nokia PC Suit, Ovi Suit wont work, any other third party software on Nokia N8 itself wont delete it or even detect it.

    Messages will definitely be sent, but once the deferred message is inside your system, you wont get notifications of new SMS/MMS though checking inbox will tell that there been new messages. This is definitely a bug. I wrote about the same in some of the forums.

  2. Nitish Kumar says:

    Also note the fact that restarting the phone is definitely not going to help you in any way.

    The root cause of the same problem is poor network connectivity from the provider, but symbian^3 not handling the same gracefully. This is happening when phone is not getting confirmation from the provider that the message is sent.

  3. Sh0cK says:

    Yeap, That’s sh*tty small bug..

    Do you know when the new firmware will be released ? People saying, End of the January.. But I Can’t wait that time. My N8 sometimes leaves me half of the way..

    When I Surfing on the web using it’s terrible web browser, it crushes, or freezes.. Lol.. Opera 10.1 Better than nokia’s web browser…

  4. Ali says:

    easiest way is just to connect your ohone to PC SUITE (not OVI) from there you can access your outbox and delete the message without having to delete all your conversation thread :)

    • Ric says:

      I agree with Ali.

      Easiest way to delete deferred messages is to use PC Suite. Install version 7.1.40 (not the latest 7.1.51). OVI suite must also be installed on your PC for PC Suite to access your N8 (You need the updated USB connectivity cable drivers via OVI Suite).

  5. ej says:

    yes I have the bug… but one way to send messages without the bug is to send from photo editor AFTER resizing photo to 640×360. This has worked several times – would like others to test to see if works for them as well.

    Inbound MMS will show up in OVI suite if the phone is connected when the message is recieved, still won’t see them in phone UI.

  6. weezo says:

    i have the solution :

    go to ur ” conversation ” ….. then delete it from there ……enjoy

    i’d tried it on my nokia n8 :)

    • nizam says:

      thanks… it really works… i was tension all these days…..

    • Farhat says:

      Im getting the N8 tomorrow, and since signal strength in my area is weak, and possible deferred msges occur frequently on my e71 (although i could resend,edit), how is this gonna work?

      Is this only happening when in CONVERSATION mode or just normal Inbox mode?

  7. Fadi says:

    Yep Weezo is right.. This happened to me before and I did like what weezo did and it worked.. that’s the only temporary solution you could do to get rid of this problem.

  8. Doug says:

    I knew about this the week I got my N8 in October. It’s NOT a problem for SMS messages. Just tap and hold on those and you’ll get a pop up menu where you can tap send.

    It IS a problem for MMS messages though. You can tap and hold all you want on that, but there is NO pop up menu to do anything.

    The only way to get that out of there is to delete the conversation. Interestingly enough, I have found that of the 8 MMS messages I have stuck in my Outbox 6 of them have actually gone through, yet they still reside in the Outbox and supposedly haven’t been sent. Nokia knows about the problem too.

    I have a funny feeling though that there is an issue with sending MMS messages through the Conversations application.

  9. Abdulla Zaki says:

    I never got this problem even though I sent over 1000 text messages in the past 2 months. Maybe enabling the delivery report is the reason?

  10. himanshu says:

    its becoz either ur mobile balance is zero or poor networking.
    When balance is zero or poor networking the msg cant sent and there is a sign at the top right and it save in the outbox.
    Just do these things and its 100% working.
    1)go to profiles<select<offline
    2)now switch off ur phone.
    3)after 1 minute switch on ur phone and continue to use it in offline mode.
    4)go to message<outbox and then delete the msg.msg will be deleted.
    5)now go to profile<deactivate offline mode and select any profile mode.
    Thats it. Its very simple.

  11. fail says:

    In my case, I sent but one MMS message which got stuck. I tried all solutions. At first, deleting the conversation worked, but then the message came back and the same solution wouldn’t work anymore. I tried a soft reset which didn’t help (I backed up my device anyway, so it was no big deal).

    The last thing I tried was Nokia PC Suite, which rejects my N8 because it is “incompatible”.

    Nothing works, and I really hate this problem because it looks messy.

  12. Nitish Kumar says:

    First of all, deleting conversation is no option as you dont want to delete all the conversations with the same person.

    As about incompatibility of PC Suit with N8, then try this.

    From USB Settings on N8, choose mass storage in place of Ovi Suit and then connect it with PC Suit. It will be connected and show up on PC Suit but will say that services wont be available in this mode. Ignore that and go to message. Wait and it will automatically change to Ovi mode right then and you can access your messages in PC Suit.

  13. saad says:

    my n8 got stuck with a mms too. i had to delete the entire conversation to get rid of it. shame, because it seems like pc suite solves the problem.

  14. saeedsh says:

    WHATS MINING OF Deferred ?

    • Jay Montano says:

      In this context, it means delay in sending. Due to lack of signal a message may not be sent out and is delayed for another time but this bug prevents it from being moved/resent/edited/deleted.

  15. Clint_ZA says:

    I was reading this thinking “how come I never have these problems with my N8″ until I realised it referred specifically to MMS. I never send MMS anymore. They are so 2009! :D

    I use the new version of Whatsapp or send an email ;) Get with the times guys.

    PS This is meant slightly in jest so don’t get all uppity and tell me how necessary MMS is in your life!

  16. iqbal says:

    I experienced it once!!! i can’t delete it from the outbox so i delete from conversation… it means i delete the whole conversations from the person that appeared in the outbox!! such an annoying situation!

  17. Synthea says:

    Clint_ZA, where did you get the new Whatsapp version from? I’m still stuck with the old version and can’t neither send nor receive pictures from it.

    And was it for free? Thanks! :)

  18. Srihari says:

    Just go to converastions and delete that conversation.
    but u lost that person conversation.

  19. reader says:

    Got this from Nokia support.
    Please provide the information to this questions and I’ll see what can be done!

    For this error we need more information:

    1. What mailbox was used, MFE, POP, IMAP or Ozone.
    2. What email service provider was used.
    3. Seen in WLAN or GPRS.

    Any other information that give us some extra information would be great.

  20. Farhat says:

    I dont have a N8 but will tomorrow. Deferred msgs occur frequently to me since im in a locale where signal strength is weak.

    Do you guys think the new stocks are

    And, i know you can have msgs in normal and Conversation view, is this prob only happening in coversation view and not via Inbox reply?

  21. same with Nokia E7. my inbox contents are not getting deleted

  22. Alex Cohn says:

    Thanks for this post! I could not find the meaning of an icon on a Nokia 7230 – it happens so, there is no explanation in the user manuals, and no site lists this deferred text message icon:

  23. mark says:

    plz help .. my nokia n8 got some problem with new upgrade.. if i send a message to my friend it go to my other friend like wrong send? what should i do?

  24. Arun9941313132 says:

    I’m facing a problem with my nokia n8. If I try to reply to the message I received it says invalid contact field. It seems that the contact was added twice in the following fashion ‘namename’. Even I deleted and restored all my data but the problem comes again.
    If some one faced the same issue or if some one knows the solution kindly help me out of it.

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