Nokia Rumours: Nokia N9 in April, PR1.1 next week, PR2.0 in Feb (2011)

| January 5, 2011 | 55 Replies

Here are some rumours to be taken with some pinches of salt. First is that the Nokia N9 is coming in April (this year ?:p) and another MeeGo DEVICE 6 weeks later. A tablet perhaps or another phone?

The same pperson @VHAho also reckons some bad corporate news coming from Nokia in February? Apparently this is not about any product lineup.

Ooh perhaps some headline chasing Microsoft buying Nokia :p So many posts about it in the past few days.

Next rumour suggests that the December due PR1.1 is coming out next week – 13th Jan (also a rumoured release date for the Nokia E7) with the big update PR2.0 (50+ new “features”) coming in February. February has been the suggested release of the new browser for Symbian for quite some time. What will PR1.1 bring?

via Camb078/VAHaho/JoshuaGimines/S60inside.

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  1. s4meego says:

    aaargh april! waiting too long! and the new symbian UI in the end of 2011.. depressing

  2. s4meego says:

    and the +50 new symbian features probably nothing visible..

    • Newtype says:

      It better contain:

      -portrait qwerty
      -improved RAM management
      -improved music player
      -new browser
      -more reliable/better email
      -bug control
      -overhauled social widget/app

      Oh, and Nokia, stop making me use Ovi for everything social.

      Ok, thanks.

  3. james says:

    april?? too late :(

  4. Jim says:

    actually april is to soon is you ask me. it will be nice but I doubt it.

  5. Chris says:

    I think April’s a lil’ too soon as well. I’m guessing the “proper” N9 will be a summer release, like the N97 was.

  6. J.Gray says:

    I think April for a tablet release is really dangerous. Isn’t the iPad 2 supposedly will be released by that month?

  7. Sh0cK says:

    What the hell is that ?

    N9 Coming in April ?? Lol.. N8 Users will be early get rubish their N8s.. That’s too early for N8 Users..


    PR 2 would be released early, instead of PR 1.1 ..

    I think PR 1.1 Will fix just “small bugs”. That mean nothing will be updated.. Or we cannot determine updated sections…

  8. Stylinred says:

    an April N9 really means an October N9 or later ;)

  9. Mazze says:

    Haha! Agreed. To be honest, I’d be surprised if we see the N9 this year at all.

    I’m pretty happy with my N8 anway except for the browser and the missing QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode. Being not much of a gamer I don’t miss the 1 GHz processor (yet!) and so far I can also put up with the tiny RAM.

    The camera as well as the outstanding music player and the free maps make all up for it. The only thing I don’t understand is why doesn’t the music fade out when streamed over bluetooth to the car radio and using voice guided navigation at the same time?!? I really can’t understand the instructions at all!

    • Newtype says:

      The music player isn’t polished IMHO, as many options from previous S60 devices has been left on the cutting room floor (ID3 editing, etc). Also, the music player has a nasty habit of pushing itself to the foreground while another program is in use. Example: I’ll be composing an SMS..I hit the “send” envelope button..ta-duh — the music player jumps to the front. That’s a serious, overlooked bug.

      • Newtype says:

        “Have** been left on the…”

        (Spelling error)

        • Mazze says:

          Well, I like it a lot and I didn’t have any problems so far. The only thing that’s a bit weird is that Nokia have decided to get rid of the customizable equalizer. With high-end devices you don’t need it anyway, but in the low-segment headphone price area it used to be very useful.

      • Dave says:

        I use the music player a lot, and definitely haven’t seen that “bug” at all.

        For me the music player is polished, in so far as what is there works well. Its just a well polished incomplete bit of software.

  10. Cod3rror says:

    April is fine, IF they actually manage to release it and not delay it till 2012 in typical Nokia fashion.

    Also very interested in the second MeeGo device, dsmobile on mobile-review forums says it’s a very sexy phone.

    PR2 hopefully delivers some good noticeable updates.

    So, to summarize:

    February – PR2
    April – June, two MeeGo phones
    Q4(Nokia World) – Symbian PR3
    Probably some other top Symbian Nseries and C series phones in the middle there somewhere.

    As long as Nokia is on track, their schedules are fine IMO.

    • zonk0r says:

      Yes I agree.

      April is probably announcement with June a release date – would tie in with everything else we’ve been fed over the past year or so! Also ties in with MeeGo schedule

    • Average Joe says:

      Judging from the drivers Nokia is posting in public Linux repositories, I’d guess that the first MeeGo device will be a 1 GHz OMAP3, while the second one will be based on Moorestown.

      • zonk0r says:

        Moorestown tablet? I can’t see the attraction of a mooretown smartphone due to the power hungry nature of the chipset.

        Is there a chance these drivers are being desposited for 3rd party devices based around the MeeGo platform? I can see some of these OMAP3/Moorestown processors being used in the car infotainment systems where the power-draw might not matter as much – we have already seen some of these floating around as well.

        Although I can’t see Nokia not dumping their own platform drivers in the repository to keep their devices hush hush?

  11. Zarsky says:

    I guess Qt 4.7 will be a part of the PR 1.1, which gives developers the ability to use Qt Quick in their future S^3 apps.

  12. Emmanuel says:

    Ok so clearly PR 1.1 is the release for the E7 (probably related to management of physical keyboard + some bug fixes)

    Bad corporate news… I would expect more lay-off’s

    • Jim H. says:

      They have a lot of incompetent people to get rid of, so lay-offs aren’t necessarily bad. I left Nokia last year because it was unbearable to work there as a SW developer.

  13. John says:

    I honestly dont expect the N9 to be here until Q3 especially if you consider the roadmap for MeeGo development. Then again it doesn’t matter too much as MeeGo will probably not make that much impact , not until 2012 anyway if Nokia get it right.

    Bad corporate news probably is more firing of Symbian developers or terrible market share forecast numbers.

    The people suggesting that Microsoft should buy Nokia is complete and utter moron that doesn’t now what he is talking about. They are the same people that suggested that Microsoft should buy RIM. I guess they got bored saying that so they moved on to the next “struggling” handset maker.

    Next thing they will say that Microsoft should buy Apple.

    • zonk0r says:

      I doubt it’s anything to do with market share seen as they just had the figures to suggest they were atop the ladder in many euro countries.

      I would expect this bad coportate news is more down the line of making a company split.. possibly down the motorola route – or maybe down the AMD route?

      Nokia are, after all, one of the only mobile companies left that pretty much own their devices from design and developtment to shipping stages.. i expect outsourcing in a big way.

  14. andre nuansa says:

    Maybe pr1.1 on ces 2011.
    e7 too.
    see this?
    waiting for this…

  15. chfyfx says:

    After checking some CES news, Nokia really needs to hurry up…

  16. Cod3rror says:

    OK, I did but I can’t find anything about Nokia rumours, upcoming devices, maybe you meant something different when you said “Post on that in the near future”

    Thanks Anyways!

  17. Johnny Tremaine says:

    I was kind of rooting for them, but after all the cool stuff that’s announced at CES, Nokia and maybe even Meego are looking a bit irrelevant.

    I mean, Vizio is jumping into the high end mobile and tablet market. *Vizio*.

    What do you get from Nokia? Rumors and delays.

  18. brak says:

    Symbian is cr@p. I can’t wait for a Meego phone. I may give in to the droid hype, or maybe the win-phone. I need a new phone. OMG, I need a new phone. My E72 is total garbage. I could go back in time to the even older E62 without wifi or GPS, but it had its own Symbian issues. I don’t know why I have put up with it for so long. My nice Nokia hardware is not even nice anymore from being thrown against the bloody ground in frustration with this d@mn software. Nokia, why do you torture us so?

  19. larryg968 says:

    i completely agree. Looking at those dual core phones make me drool and knowing Nokia they’ll come with 1ghz when the industry has already moved on.
    I understand the ease of developing for meego but blah blah blah. No one cares if there is no phone out and by the times its released, it doesn’t matter because android already has a million apps. You’re just too far behind to catch up.

    I’ve been waiting for a gym app for my n8, nttn yet. This is proof that developers r not filling in the holes in the symbian app ecosystem. Windows phone 7 has better and higher quality apps than symbian. If i don’t get my apps in the near future, i can’t take another chance with nokia. I had the n97 previously and boy did nokia screw me over. Shit

  20. Prodigy Viisto says:

    Are uoy sure it’s N9? Nokia said; No more N-Series…

  21. zymo says:

    Nokia just said no more symbian N-Series devices, so the N8 was the last N-Device with Symbian, The next one (N9?!?) will be running MeeGo.

    • ummNo says:

      Umm… no. When Symbian^4 was still coming, they said that N8 is last N-series with Symbian^3. They didn’t talk anything about Symbian^4. And now that there is no Symbian^4, i think we will see new N-series phones with Symbian, but N9 will be Meego device.

      “The Nokia N8 will be our only Nseries device on Symbian^3. Of course, we ‘never comment on future products’, but a Symbian^4 Nseries device is a strong possibility. A very strong possibility ;-)”
      - Anssi Vanjoki,

      • andre nuansa says:

        You’re right ummNo.
        Symbian N-series still possible.
        Maybe all the rumor of Nokia N9 running Meego is wrong!
        Possibly N9 running Symbian^4 or just Symbian or Symbian^x or other different Symbian name or maybe just Symbian^3 with the “whole new ui update, new look new feel based on Qt”.
        Maybe Meego coming with S-series device!!!
        Nokia keep consufing us about their unconsistent future plan and roadmap about their ecosistem.
        Feel that?
        A maybe wrong.
        Nothing official except “official confusing statements”!!!
        Hope Nokia give us surprise on CES 2011.
        Or maybe the surprise is about Meego release and Symbian^3 update delayed (again and again and again.
        So what do u say????

        Sorry for my bad english…

        • Sh0cK says:

          You are absolutely right dude.

          Let’s wait future..

        • Keith says:

          I don’t think so. Nokia CLEARLY stated that they will no longer make N-Series devices with Symbian and that they’ll run on MeeGo only. UI refreshment and other changes will still mean that it’s symbian (even if it’s awesome)

          N-Series will be MeeGo for sure.

          • Brock says:

            just to make it clear to all of you about which phone will have which os:

            - First, forget about numbers in Symbian, all Symbian versions beginning with the one in the N8 are numberless now and will get updates to newer versions (what you would call symbian 4)

            - The N8 is the last N-Phone with Symbian.

            - All future N-Phones will have Meego! Nothing else!

            - All E- and X-Phones will have Symbian!
            (dont think about different versions, all Symbian phone will get the same software and same updates. So N8 will get the same updates like any E-Model in 2011 or 2012 aso)

            - and the best think of all:
            ALL (qt-)software made for symbian or meego will run on every device supporting qt. Buy an app and use it on your: n8, e7, n9, n10, n11, in your meego-tv, your meego netbook, your meego car, and also run on windows or linux (both support qt too)

            Cant wait for the first keyboardless meego device :D

            @Nokia: hurry up and make it awesome, awesome in compare to iphone 5 and the phones seeable at CES!

  22. Scott says:

    Been very interested in reading what people are typing and there are a lot of you who know far more than i ever will.

    From a personal point of view, I genuinely think Nokia have let their own arrogance get the better of them. They are constantly playing catch up in the Market now. Can anyone truly say they have released a good phone for a while?

    I had the abomination that was the n97. A truly awful awful phone and the only one I have ever returned. This has prevented me even looking at anything of theirs since and the symbian software is an embarrassment.
    I must admit that the n9 looked interesting and I liked the idea of not having to deal with symbian again. However. That they are looking to delay it until some time towards the middle/end of the year is just too late. I personally don’t think this is going to be anything other than too little too late

    I hope I’m wrong

    • Brock says:

      in my eyes, the last great device from nokia was the n900.. the possibilities with this device are (still) nearly endless… but its more a mobile computer then a smartphone and dont need to mess with other android or i-phones.

      I think you are right, like many others, that nokia is a little bit late with their newest devie but the problem for nokia was, that they had to make many changes inside nokia. and since elop is there, i think he did a lot changes…

      and one thign to all of you out there waiting for the new meego phone, remember what Marko Ahtisaari from nokia said at LeWeb:

      it would only launch when it was “ready” and when it was “amazing”

      very interessing article and q&a:

      remember, late and amazing is better then early and crap ;)

  23. Andre N says:

    I think there will be nothing what we want to see or hear that nokia bring to CES, example about S^3 update or upcoming MeeGo UI.
    Btw, is that true E7 will release with the UI update?
    Or all of this shit JUST rumor from people which hope Nokia doing what we want Nokia doing it?
    ThanX for the rumors, Nokia…….

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