Leaked: ARM powered Symbian^3 Nokia E6-00 has QWERTY keyboard and new VGA (touch?) screen says file

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Yesterday we saw some photos from the unannounced, mysterious Nokia E6-00 of which there is NO public image available. Thus, no one apart from Nokia staff know what it looks like, or what form factor it will have or even OS. It’s all just rumours.

This was the nearest thing from rumours that we got about confirmation of its existance. Of course, based on the Nokia House of future and current portfolio, we kinda know about all upcoming models, at least by name.

Adnan has got a cool link for us all. If you check out and scroll through the long, long document list you’ll see reference to the E6-00 as well as some interesting specifications.

  • User Agent Header: NokiaE6-00/010.000
  • Mozilla/5.0 (Symbian/3; Series60/5.2 Nokia E6-00/010.000;)
  • BT 2.0
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • WLAN
  • QWERTY KEYBOARD with 2 softkeys.
  • 640X480<<This is NOT nHD (640X360!!!)
  • Symbian Powered, 5.2? A google search said that’s symbian^3. Though I could be wrong here.
  • Browser 7.3- I should know what version we’re on but had to google search for browser 7.3. Forum Nokia page says it’s Symbian^3 browser, along with the word “upcoming” but that was back in October. I haven’t been paying attention to browser numbers in Symbian. >>Apparently, N8 and E7 are 7.2 so this is the new browser. E6-00 supposedly the first to come with PR2.0? See comments.

Not sure if it’s definitely touch, but when speaking in December to Eseries Vice President, Ilari Numari, he mentioned that touch was the way things are going. If Symbian^3 it does point it at that direction.

Symbian Powered

So what is the form factor? Slider? Tilt? Candybar QWERTY? Touch Type E72 style candy bar with at least 3″ screen?

– Update: Alberto says in comments that screen is 2.8″, Arm 11. Source, RM-609

from MyDreamNokia – number 1 Nokia E5x – could it be what E6-00 looks like?

Cheers to Adnan for the heads up to!

Any other snippets of info? Id search some more but have to get going with revision.


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