My Dream Nokia #18: Dual QWERTY Slider MeeGo 2.0 Phone Concept, Nokia AMeego

| January 15, 2011 | 11 Replies

My Dream Nokia #18 is a design by Abhay Vir called the Nokia AMeeGo. It is a MeeGo concept phone with a very interesting form factor. It has a dual slider, inspired by the legendary Nokia N95 of which one slide to the left (or top) reveals the music buttons for anywhere anytime control; on the right (or down) you have 5 row QWERTY. Well, four plus some short cut buttons.

Full features include:

  • GSM Quadband
  • 3G, EDGE, GPRS, WIFI, BT 3.0
  • 1GB RAM, 2GB ROM
  • 64GB build in, 64GB MicroSD
  • MeeGo 2.0 with Android App Support
  • 4.1″ 1024×768, AMOLED multitouch screen, 4:3
  • 12MP Autofocus, Image Stabilization, Smile Detection,
  • 720p recording at 30FPS
  • 100mm x 70.6mm x 17mm, 170g
  • Open Office Suite for Handhelds with editing, FireFox mobile browser with flash lite
  • 3.5mm audio/video jack
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • Multiple Desktop Screens,
  • Threaded Messaging
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Push Email
  • Accelerometer with Motion Sensing
  • A-GPS with Ovi, Google and Yahoo Maps.

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I like it. The only thing that concerns is the possible thickness of 17mm.


About “My Dream Nokia”

I’m sure you’ve dreamt up your PERFECT Nokia device. What it would look like, what it would feel like, what features it would have. Why don’t you share it with the world? Or at least with other Nokia fans :D .

It could be your own photoshopped or rendered work (seriously, you don’t need mega skills in either, basic paint job is often enough to convey a concept) of your dream product.

SEND this in similarly to with the title “My Dream Nokia” and perhaps the model number (and a little description, maybe a few specs in the message area? Though this bit not necessary).

Who knows, maybe an image might flutter over to Nokia and through whatever route end up being real.


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  • nocare


    it is the most beautiful concept phone design i have ever seen
    a true n95 successor

    just hoping that there is a phone design with detachable qwerty keyboard

    thanks for the hard work, it is a cute phone designl

  • Smith

    This is getting somewhat boring now, can we quit with the endless “my dream nokia” stuff or put it in a separate section or otherwise separate out the news from this stuff.

    I’m interested in reality, not fantasy.

    Anyway, what’s the point of them all sitting on a blog here unseen by Nokia – why don’t you gather them all together, e.g. on a site, and submit them to Nokia officially to inspire future designs?

    Or even better get people to vote on them then submit the top winners?

    Personally I wouldn’t want most of the designs you’ve published, I genuinely think Nokia do better.

    • Jay Montano

      Sorry that the content of this blog is not to your liking. We’ve received an unusual amount of entries in the past week so I can understand that it seems overwhelming.

      You can of course, choose to ignore these posts. They are titled as so that you know what the topic will be and choose not to read them.

      The point is not for these things to be seen by Nokia but just to share the ideas and interest of others about Nokia devices and designs with other Nokia fans. Just for discussion, possibly inspiration to design and share their own ideas. Though I can understand this is implied with the About MDM description. I’ll have to update this.

      Good ideas on perhaps doing a vote. As well as submitting selection of design to Nokia. We’ll look into that. Thanks for your feedback though, it’s always nice to hear back from readers.

      • lisa

        Hi Jay,

        I tottaly agree that there should be a way to get this concepts to Nokia. some of these designs are just downright genius.

        It will be nice to see some new concepts

    • Alex

      “Anyway, what’s the point of them all sitting on a blog here unseen by Nokia – why don’t you gather them all together, e.g. on a site, and submit them to Nokia officially to inspire future designs?”

      good point

  • Nrde

    I doubt these designs would make any difference even if submitted officially to Nokia. Nokia (as any other company) has a lot of people working on the industrial designs. A team or one person is responsible for selecting design the designers have made for further development. I’m sure there are hundreds of possible phones designed every year, and only a handful ever sees anything else than paper or computer screen.

    So MDN is very interesting effort, and at least I am happy to see new cool concepts guys have made. But MDN does not effect Nokia in any other way than as a hint what kind of phones a selection of people would prefer.

  • Awesome… Dual Slider is a must!

  • Abeeli

    MeeGo 2.0 with Android App Support OMG im sold!!

  • giorgio


  • kori don

    flashlite! idont think that if there such as this phone will have just flash lite i think it should have full flash support.

  • John

    awesome design