Waaaaa!: Nokia E6-00 Touch and Type, first leaked device photo?!

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UPDATE: Quick excitement over, quite a few comments saying it’s fake. Arun8gb reminds us that from the leaked specs there are supposed to be TWO softkeys. Others say the screen is too close to the keyboard. Could it still be real?

Update 2 from Alex68 😀 – “Ok, it is time for me to show up. Otherwise, people would question if MeeGoUser is Alex 😉

It is fake. The E7 a form factor from E7X (as I said) but the screen might be a little big, which I am not so sure about. The width is definitely longer than the height.”

<< Wow, the width is longer than the height! Should be some much more comfy typing with a wider keyboard.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? crac16 has emailed us a photo. It appears to be the unannounced, but much leaked Nokia E6-00. This is the first time we have gotten any where close  to seeing what it actually might look like. In somewhat reverse, we first saw sample pics, and then uaprof document detailing some specifications. Now we might be taking a glimpse at the actual device itself. If it’s real.

It appears to be a big screened E7X form factor which Alex68 had mentioned, but without softkeys/navigation pad (Like in Nokia’s Touch and Type devices – and it works really well I might add). Instead the face is mostly screen with a QWERTY keyboard. The screen, if leaked specs from are to be believed, give us a Symbian^3 VGA screened touch and type. The overall size is quite comparable to the E72. Now if this does have a VGA screen, at this size, it’ll be pretty sharp.

Here’s a closer look. I’m glad they’ve gone with this form factor as it’s very popular. Let’s leave the tilt-slide for the E7 eh?

My Dream Nokia design, November

This is from the that gsmarena comments section. The image says found on engadget but I can’t find the story on there. I also can’t make out their watermark – _maniatourism? Google can’t seem to get it.



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