Video: TwimGo Twitter Client rewritten in Qt Quick/QML. Coming to Maemo/Symbian/MeeGo. First real challenger to Gravity?

| January 16, 2011 | 13 Replies

New Twitter Client “TwimGo” had its roots in Maemo. We saw it recently make an appearance over to Symbian through Ovi Store. Now it’s been rewritten completely in Qt Quick QML and will soon be available to Maemo, Symbian and MeeGo in the near future.


It’s got some pretty slick transitions, supporting multiple twitter feed timelines and other standard twitter actions look to work very well. It might be the first Twitter application that could challenge the almighty Gravity. Note – right now, TwimGo is Free and Gravity is around 8GBP/10USD

Check out the video demo from Subdence


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  • John

    Nice to see someone actually using the Qt tools to actually develop apps. Theres has been too much talk about how great Qt is with no action, too many videos showing off pretty and slick demos but nothing has come out yet. I mean does it really take that long to develop apps ? or are developers not convinces by making apps for Nokia, we will have to wait and see. I have a feeling if the N9 and MeeGo are a hit we will see rise in the number of Qt apps in particular.

    • Jim

      One of the problem is that even if they released qt 4.7 in september it is not available on Symbian 3 devices and they don’t allow qt 4.7 apps on ovi store for the moment. Most of the fancy UI are done in qt quick which comes qith qt 4.7.
      Once they wil update symbian 3 probably a lot of apps will come to ovi store.

  • J.Gray

    Wow, that’s quite slick! Really looking forwards to more Qt apps.
    On a slightly off-topic, what language does Qt use?

    • Dev

      Qt is written in C++ so it can run on a lot of processors/platforms. However, if you don’t like C++, you can also do a lot of things with the built-in JavaScript engine and there are bindings for languages like Python available.

  • el big mat

    I think QT is C++

    • J.Gray

      Hmm. Convenient, as next semester I’ll have C++ course. Is it, like, really hard to learn?

      • Dev

        If you don’t use any of the more exotic C/C++ language features, Qt on C++ is as close to Java programming as you can get with C++. In other words, it is quite easy to learn. You will see that the Qt documentation is excellent on top of that.

        • J.Gray

          Hmm. That’s reassuring, because I plan to start making some apps ( or try) after my C++ course.

  • jim

    Twimgo has been for a very long time the best twitter app for maemo and soon will be for the best of Nokia devices

  • Mendax

    Has anyone else tried this app on their N8? I’d hate to say it, but it didn’t run as fluidly on mine as it did on the N900 in the video. Is that because S^3 doesn’t support Qt 4.7 yet?

  • Neil

    Looks like this will be the real challenger of Gravity. Let’s see the next Gravity updates…

  • jrom

    Adopted it, I love the simple interface and It’s cool 🙂

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