NOKIA C5-03 On Sale In The UK

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Press Release from Nokia (cheers Jack!). I didn’t realise the C5-03 wasn’t already on sale in the UK. The C5-03 is the sleek Symbian^1 cousin of the Nokia 5800. Why Not S^3?  I would have said price. I think in the long run, the C6-01 is a better investment. You get HD video recording with the C6-01, plus a capacitive CBD AMOLED display and Symbian^3 app compatibility.

Although the superior C6-01 is not that far off at £225 on pay and go (unlocked at £279), it is understandable that budgets may not be flexible.

The C5-03 is £189 unlocked, no unlock price – possibly £130 pay and go?

A video review from PhoneArena is included.

19 January 2011, London, UK – Nokia announce the new Nokia C5-03, a stylish and affordable 3G touch smartphone with high-speed connectivity over WiFi and HSDPA, is now available from the Nokia Online Shop for £189 sim free.


The Nokia C5-03 smartphone offers the full range of Ovi services including free Ovi Maps with voice-guided navigation and access to the Ovi Store, with free apps like Doodle Jump, Shazam Encore, ESPN, Real Football Mini Edition and many more bundled with the device. WiFi connectivity also ensures that consumers without data plans can enjoy the benefits of full web access on their mobile device.

The Nokia C5-03 provides a range of high-quality features:

  • Find the best route and get to your destination on time with Ovi Maps
  • Access the web through a 3.5G network or connect to a Wi-Fi hot spot
  • View web pages the way they should be seen on the 3.2″ display
  • Stay close to friends by adding contact shortcuts to the home screen

“The new Nokia C5-03 is a great looking smartphone that offers excellent features and the benefits of Nokia’s Ovi services, at an affordable price” said Sami Lehtinen, General Manager, Nokia UK.

The Nokia C5-03 is available from the Nokia Online Shop today, and will also be ranged in the UK by H3G, T-Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, Virgin, O2, Vodafone and Phones 4U.


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  • Deaconclgi

    Nokia should put these phones on US carriers to replace their aging line of flip phones. Even though we know that there are higher end Nokias like the Symbian^3 lineup, the average US consumer only sees Nokias from several generations ago on carrier sites. Seriously, how much harm would it be to release these phones at budget prices in the US. This is clearly a better option than what is currently being offered by US carriers from Nokia. I would unleash a full onlaught of Nokia devices from 2010 and 2011 in the US market. I mean EVERY ONE THAT WAS MADE! To get Nokia back in the mindshare. I am so tired of seeing the Nokia 6350, 2330, 5310, 5130 E71x. It was a nice start to see the E73 and 5230 Nuron launch but come on Nokia! You make so many models, just release them. Also, the carrier branding mess in the US needs to stop! The E71x and the Nuron are so limited compared to the unlocked versions. You can’t even add widgets to the Nuron!!!

    I don’t know but I felt the need to rant. I have been buying Nokia’s for years and will continue to do so as long as they continue to make great devices. I am just tired of having to deal with americas ignorance toward Nokia and Nokia’s lack of in the open effort to solve this issue. Serously, just release more phones in the US. Who cares if each phone doesn’t sell a a million units. Nokia has to improve mindshare in the US and that will not happen with a single phone.

    • Viipottaja

      Heheheh.. you really think all this is just for Nokia to decice? You don’t just “put” phones on a carrier’s lineup. 🙂

      And, just releasing all of them on Nokia’s own online store would not help much if at all either – your average consumer would never ever see that site.

      • Deaconclgi

        No, I know it is not just a Nokia choice but we all know that Nokia doesn’t try as much as they should. I was saying that they should release as many devices as they can. No matter who initiates the partnership. For example, why does the US still have same old feature phones when Nokia has made new feature phones? The whole US lineup needs to be refreshed. That would be like Motorola still having the Razor line still on the shelf. The company has moved on. The Nokia 5130 should be replaced. How can american consumers change their perception if every time they walk into the store, they see the same Nokia feature phones from 4 years ago? Nokia might as well be bankrupt in their eyes.

        The Nokia US site is not managed that well. I couldn’t get the rep on chat to help me locate a Nokia stylus. He told me to google it! Also, the site advertised the C3-01 touch and type and when I click on and I am directed to the C3, a less exciting device.

        I just had a chat with a Nokia US rep:

        You: Hello, when I click on the link “See more features”for the 3-01 touch and type, it takes me to the old C3, a much lesser device.


        You: Please have someone fix it. It has been like that for a while and makes Nokia look like people don’t know what they are doing.

        Paul: Click here for C3-01 phone specifications

        You: Thank you, please forward that link to the website admins.

        Paul: Will do.

        Let’s see how long it takes to fix it…

        Also, why can’t I buy the other Symbian^3 devices from the Nokia USA site? My family and friends would love those devices. My wife gave up and got a G2 and left her E73 after the E7 delay. She isn’t technical so I doubt I can win her back to Nokia after the Android glitter and browser. My two daughters have Nurons, I would LOVE to upgrade them to the C7 or C6-01 but I don’t want to buy the Euro version without a US warranty. We NEED the cheaper Symbian^3 devices to break the market. I bought my N8 from an authorized T-mobile dealer and he said he would not carry the other devices until they have a US warranty with US customer service report! Really? By that time, those devices will be old. Really, what is holding Nokia back? They are the largest manufacturer of phones, surely they can make a US version if they tried.

  • IMarius

    A really good offer here in Ireland , Vodafone is selling a C7 for €269.99 pay as go , which is about £228 (so almost the same as the price you qouted for the C6) , brought one for my gf , and unlocked it so she could use it with a different Irish network.

  • Deaconclgi

    To add, most US consumers, i.e. non-gadget blog readers (outside of t-mobile customers Nuron) DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT NOKIA MAKES TOUCHSCREEN PHONES!!!…… When I show them the N900 or the N8 they say “THATS a Nokia!!!????”….

    • IMarius

      You should tell them yea and THATS what a smartphone looks like ,. Actually you have a N900 tell them thats what a super phone looks like 🙂

      • Deaconclgi

        They are all VERY impressed until I have to tell them you can’t just walk into T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint or Verizon and that the price is more than the standard $199 USD that gets you US specific smartphones. The masses can’t come to understand the benefits of an unlocked phone and no amount of OS and design polish can break their understanding that $450 for a Nokia is more than $199 or less for a Moto, HTC, Apple and others. Couple that with zero marketing for Nokia and consumers feel alienated from Nokia and feel as though the $450 is a HUGE HUGE HUUUGGGEE amount of money to pay for a phone that you can’t even walk into a store and get support if there is a problem. The carriers don’t offer support and there aren’t any Nokia care centers to walk in and most of america is uninformed. In the US, for a device to succeed, it must have mass marketing, mass availability and the kind of support to where grandma on down to 15 year old Johnny Rocket can walk in and say hey, my phone book isn’t synching and hand their phone to a live person.

        All of the awesomness of the N900 and N8 are thrown out the window when the view asks me “Where can I buy it and how much is it”

        They then say ” I will wait until (insert carrier of choice) gets this phone or one like it and it will be cheaper”

        And we all know…the wait continues….

        • IMarius

          Zero Marketing for Nokia in the the US, but i mean can you blame them , no body is carrying there phones like you said ,they cant force carriers there to do it, i mean the hole X7 thing is still a bit weird maybe somebody will pick up their newer phones.

          And like i point out a few times , i feel nokia might be put off money lots of money into advertising in the america market ,cause no matter what they do they seem to get very negative reviews, or just that people like you said again thinking they are an outdated company or dont make smartphones.

          I think Nokia needs to just keep working on making good phones , hopefully people will get the point.

          • Deaconclgi

            I agree with those points. As long as the good phones keep coming, so will my support.

            The sad part is, the negative reviews contiue to hold tight because enough americans cannot get their hands on the phones to try it for themselves and dispute those reviews/sites. It is a shame that T-Mobile USA didn’t pick up the N8. They could have got the Nuron users to upgrade to the N8 to build the T-Mobile Symbian base. T-Mobile could have easily hyped up Symbian^3’s enhancements and gaming abilities and camera. It would have made a nice commercial and but it is a missed opportunity. Imagine upgrading from the Nuron to the N8 with your carrier! That is a major upgrade. I would make a commercial showing the Nokia nuron spinning and morphing into an N8, showing NFS Shift on the Nuron glitching out and reappearing as Shift for the N8, showing Angry Birds, showing the camera, HDMI and all that. Who would NOT wan’t to upgrade to the N8!

            The only reason that I see is that T-Mobile would want to shove it’s bloat ware on Symbian again and potentially cripple the device. I don’t understand why US carriers don’t make their software available as an application from the Ovi Store. That way Symbian can be left untouched and user can install the T-Mobile apps they need, therefore allowing more phones to be released (less carrier R&D holding up the process) and updates to come as quick as Nokia can dish them out.

            I hope that people get the point. Sites like this help to get the point across.

            All out of rant. 🙂

  • nokia need not to panic becoz they have bigger markets in their hand like india(380million),china(320million),indonesia(150million),pakistan(70million),nigeria(78 million),japan(30million)etc along with entire africa,majorly in asia,australia,europe,south america..
    World population is 6.23 billion
    Out of 4.95 billion phones 1.80 billion r nokia phones.

  • Johnny Tremaine

    Honestly this is the type of low end touchscreen barely-a-smartphone device, that Nokia seems to do best at, and I’m not trolling. They’ll probably sell a bunch of these in emerging markets.

    Still, they can’t seem to put together a halfway decent high end device. I mean, the N900 is what, almost 1 1/2 years old? It’s ancient in mobile terms.

    • KeiZka

      define “smartphone”

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  • Had flip phone before and wanted an unlocked phone to work with AT&T and international capability with WiFi. The price was with in my limits. Works, some steps with clock to change when international. For first phone of this type-like it. Nice fast and small too. I was aware Symbian OS is on the way out and that Nokia will most likely be changing things since with Microsoft now.

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