Nokia N9 is not dead – Eldar waiting on “man with N9-01”. Another Murtazin leak soon?

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So, when the notorious Eldar mentioned that the N9-00 was scrapped, some blogs ran with this as N9 is scrapped. Possibly because dear Eldar said they were working on “other device” which some thought was a tablet instead of a phone. Other device…N9-01! Eldar could have easily have just said N9-01 then to avoid misinterpretation.

In our last post we tried to explain Nokia’s naming scheme again and how they have different variants. See quote at end of this post.

Eldar has tweeted that he will be getting some time with a N9-01. Official Nokia or another “lost child” as Nokia put it last year with the N8-Eldar drama. Didn’t Eldar already have a N9 in may and was going to spew his review in August prior to launch? Whatever happened to that? Wasn’t it supposed to have been unleashed to negatively affect Nokia stocks. I’ll find link later. Oddly in October I think he did tweet that N9 hardware was near perfect . Not so much on Software as we know that’s still in work right now to make it “Amazing” in the words of Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia . Having said that if you like MeeGo vanilla, Eldar did say before that Nokia’s was better. But that was the “old Nokia MeeGo UI”. Who knows what it looks like now.

Anyway, Eldar says it’s the first time he’ll be checking the N9-01 – rumoured to be a newer, keyboardless version of the N9. Remember another N9 rumours post

“I just hope they will get Meego done sooooon and I can get this sexy thing on use.

I can say this is sexiest mobile ever done. It’s bye bye for HW qwerty and welcome candybar back in my life”

And also in reply about N9 deseign

“.. design would easily qualify as future S-series TS device. Specially in black.”

dsmobile – mobile-review forums

It might be the same N9/MeeGo phone candybar that some other folks (e.g. Alex68/dsmobile) have already had the privilege of seeing.

Eldar’s also waiting on some other mid tier devices. Nokia mid tier? X7/E6?


  • In one hour 50 per cent of battery is out. Prototype but… Speed is OK. Camera is good. UI is strange (not finalized yet).Price isnt good
  • Price – 500 Euros <<How is this not good. Is that too expensive or too cheap for Eldar. It seems normal, no? What ever the price turns out to be I hope it’s justified. It is Nokia’s high end to match other high ends. Price accordingly. Not too cheap, not too expensive and based mostly on branding. Justified.


Naming scheme

“Just to explain (and also highlight Nokia’s STILL confusing naming system)

Nokia calls their phones nx-00, nx-01, nx-02, nx-03 etc. where n=the series branch (Nseries, Eseries, Xseries, Cseries, Sseries) and x=position number in portfolio. -00, -01, -02 etc denotes a “variant”  of that model.

e.g. C6-00, C6-01. Two different phones though they may be called C6 interchangeably and so confusingly. C6-00 could get discontinued and the C6-01 still sells on. A little bit like the N95, and N95 8GB or iPhone and various other iterations of “upgrades”. Unfortunately for Nokia, these “variants” of their phones are appearing not directly as next generation cycles with sufficient time difference apart but along side each other, stocked on shelves of the confused consumer.

So when the N9-00 may be cancelled, the “N9″ is not. Unless of course Nokia scrap the whole naming convention. But they will still launch their Nokia MeeGo phone. Not drop it all randomly for a portion of the tablet market.”



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