Ovi Store “purchased content can be re-downloaded only up to 5 times” – What is this Bullcrap?

| February 2, 2011 | 20 Replies

After updating Ovi Store, I was checking around to see what was new that I might have missed and came across

You can re-download any content by signing into Ovi Store and accessing My Stuff as long as the content is still available.

If you have lost any purchased content items, please contact Nokia Care at stating your Ovi username and the name of the content item you wish to re-download.

Note that your new device must be compatible with your previous downloads.

Note that purchased content can be re-downloaded only up to 5 times.

This has been there since at least July 2010 but only ranting now as I’ve only noticed this now.


One of the previous annoyances with Ovi Store (there was a time when there were sooo many) was the inability to redownload your purchases. You first had to contact Ovi Store folk and they’d email you with a link that had time-expiry to download your stuff. Later on (Oct 2009) we were able to redownload our own purchases which was awesome when you’re upgrading or if you’ve had to, say, hard reset your phone through no fault of your own *nudge, nudge, NOKIA!!*.

Is the download counted when you have the dreaded installation failure (where you’d need to redownload all over again)? And it wouldn’t be so bad if you had just 99 cent apps, but no, these range from £3-£8 and having to buy all of them again is gonna be quite pricey.

Now I think that’s the situation with places like or PSN with purchased downloads. But what the feck is this arbitrary limit of 5 downloads?!

Unless the app has been deleted, how many times can you redownload an App from the App Store? (And ALL in one go directly from your PC I might add).

Perhaps in the most idyllic situation, your device would last a minimum 1 year. 5 years from now, these games might seem like SNAKE and you may not care. (Most likely not though. I’d still play Theme Hospital if I could find the disk and it would play on Win 7)


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