Nokia Ceo Elop to buy Nokia shares ASAP, to divest Microsoft shares soon

| February 13, 2011 | 27 Replies

Quite a few of you have tipped us the link (directly or indirectly through post comments) about Stephen Elop being the 7th biggest share holder at Microsoft, whilst holding NO/ZERO/0 stocks at Nokia.This fired up a lot of suspicions that Elop had masterminded some kind of take-over of Nokia by MS, with Nokia effectively being under MS’ thumb as he seemed to stand to gain a lot from it from his previous employer.


Finnish site, YLE (TOP 10 Site in Finland, not just some random site) claims however that the reason Elop has no shares in Nokia is because of  the “terms of security trading regulations” that had prevented him from acquiring Nokia shares due to “insider trading”. Further more, whilst Elop did have significant shares at Microsoft, he began divesting this when he had left the company and sold as much as 60% of it before moving to Nokia.

“Preparations for the company’s new strategy meant that security exchange regulations prevented Elop from both selling his Microsoft shares and buying shares in Nokia.”

Elop will apparently divest ALL of his Microsoft shares as soon as restrictions/rules allow, and likewise, purchase Nokia stock when legally able to.



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  • Ed

    Thank you for this excellent report.

    The spin from the haters? Stops right here.

    • Fingolian

      It should be investigated why he went with WP7 while being such a huge share holder. He went with the company he has invested money in. Microsoft stock went up and Nokia stock went down after the deal was announced. Flop has made money out of this deal.

      • alex68

        Going with WP was not so wrong. The wrong thing is why the hell QT/Symbian/Meego all were sentenced to death. Why Nokia will be forced to an one-way journey to brace MS, whose has the least mobile phone os market share and ecosystem..

        There must be something totally wrong! People must challenge and question it and find the answer!

        • KS

          Well, to Nokia, Symbian is a burning platform. WP is the black sea. What will you do if you where Mr Elop? (if indeed its true that Symbian brand is slowly losing mind share to Android and Apple)

        • Michel

          You are absolutely right, while nokia is betting on this partnership,MS is determined to make der new OS a success with help from Nokia, but this is only possible if nokia focus most its research & development on Win7.4 dis MS has invested $$$ on nokia.most of it will have to be spent on other OS will undermine the success Win 7, so it is to be taken out of Win 7 target market.

      • Shawn

        I didnt really care what OS they went with u know.. i jus wanted to see the New symbian UI and meego.. they shud have used the plan they had before and to tackle the american market use WP7 not sentence everything to hell.. c’mon man.. thats sum BS.. and i think yes they shud have laid off some workers from symbian R&D they have to many.. send some over to meego..

      • Mark

        Oh for crying out loud! He was a senior executive at Microsoft. That’s why he had so many shares.

        You’ll note his turnover is ‘medium’. That means he was selling before he had to stop – for legal reasons – when talks on the co-operation began.

    • stylinred

      yeah.. that really puts an end to it….. lol more like fuels it…

  • John

    Dear Nokia fanboys there is no conspiracy theory going on I dont blame Elop not buying any shares in Nokia, have you seen them lately their are a joke. Even if there is a conspiracy theory going on, Nokia brought it onto themselves no ones else. There is no point blaming Elop.

    • Jay Montano

      Buying shares now would actually be good due to reduced prices. Perhaps there’s more bad news to lower stock even more. THEN buy. :p

      • John

        hahaha love it 🙂 probably true

    • Don

      Sure, he kills all MS competition (Qt) even though it could at least have been sold, gives away everything Nokia has to MS for nothing, and in fact Nokia is going to PAY MS to use its OS nobody so far has wanted? MS has no allegiance to Nokia, so when they have the nice maps etc HTC/LG/Samsung can swoop in and undercut the HW and getting Nokia maps for free.

      That he is close friends with Balmer is just a coincidence. The whole MS connection, pure coincidence. He is really looking after Nokia here, not at all after Microsoft. You know with Android they would have been able to just use Qt, it’s already almost ported. No change in strategy, no screwing over third party developers, no dropping 15% of the stock. (I don’t like Android especially either)

      Heck he could have been much more subtle, but with total and complete arrogance screwed everyone, killed morale inside the company, etc. Why would someone do that ??

      Lord knows Nokia’s internal management and communication suck, and need a shakedown, but that’s not happeningm just more confusion and many layoffs. So don’t expect much from a Nokia WP7 either.

  • gordonH

    Spin stops when Nokia comes out alive. Spin stops when Elop proves he isn’t bent on killing 3 great software assets of Nokia. Only Ovi maps survives but was given for free to Microsoft.
    It’s called the Black Friday deal for many reasons. The deal was 100% for Microsoft.

    • N900_Nexus_S

      Who says they’re giving Ovi maps for free??
      Nobody knows what the negotiations contain. No one knows how much royalty fees nokia will be paying to use windows phone OS.

      Im sure it will probably be a lot lower than the rest of the other OEM companies using WP7.

      It will be unwise for nokia to reveal it since it might drive other OEMs away.

  • jonnyjl

    Lol, I’m sorry, what? He can divest the rest of it and still not invest all of it in Nokia.

    He can just keep riding the wave, let Nokia stock drop some more, then buy stock when its at its lowest point, wait for the takeover and profit.

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  • Jonobo

    YLE is like the BBC of the UK, a public broadcasting corporation.

  • Fingolian

    The spin stops when Nokia’s new New York PR employees stop posting PR-speak bullsheet comments everywhere.

    They’re astroturfing since the Microsoft deal.

  • Zarsky

    I’m actually considering buying more shares now that the prices are down. This could be the real turning point.

    Interesting times.

  • h3csc

    I’m no Nokia fanboy but the YLE claiming is not enough to convince me that he is truly doing anything for Nokia’s good.

    For sure, he don’t want to lose his job as Nokia’s CEO but seriously, what he did recently is way too radical and seems MS sided.

    Anyway, a side note.
    Nokia homepage:
    Windows Phone 7 homapage:

    Clearly, I can’t find anything about alliance with Nokia in the MS site but a HUGE Nokia + Microsoft announcement on top of Nokia’s homepage.

    Who owns who. We know.

  • droitwichgas

    Why did Elop leave MS? I didn’t realise he had such a powerful position, as assuming he has sold 60& of his shares that would of made him the 5th biggest shareholder at one point? It seems odd to me that he would leave such a powerful position to work for, what he now claims, is a struggling Finish mobile phone firm?

    The more people try and defend “Flop” the more the real truth becomes clear.

  • Pat

    New information is in the news now. A professor in Finland thinks that Elop has kept his Microsoft stock because he thinks it’s a good investment. The professor said that Elop could have sold his Microsoft stock before Nokia and Microsoft started planning this new alliance.

    • Mark

      Bullshit. That’s not the way it works unless you want to play ‘pick up the soap’ in prison.

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