Evening with Nokia at MWC 2011 – Number One Priority to beat Android. Symbian New UI? Elop says he’s not a Trojan Horse.

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If you’ve become indifferent to Nokia after Friday’s news, you might not care what’s going on at MWC with Nokia.

If you do, there are several locations providing great live blog feeds. Engadget has been one of them (they’ve been doing a stellar job recently of reporting Nokia related news). It’s over now but in case you’ve missed it:

You should check out their feed here. Scroll all the way down to see where it begins and scroll up for later news. (I forgot if/who tipped this, sorry – perhaps marc. Cheers dude!)

Check out the image above of the Nokia Windows Phone devices that leaked on Friday.

  • Qt will NOT be on Windows Phone. It seems it will NEVER be on windows phone given that it would confuse developers. Shame.
  • Nokia will NOT develop Windows Phone?

“We pay Microsoft royalties for the use of their software. And, of course, the balance to that transaction is that we are able to reduce our operating expenses. We pay them, but we are not also internally developing the software ourselves.”

  • One of the labels Elop has been given has been trojan horse.

Some dude in the audience just yelled, “are you a trojan horse?” “I’ll take that question. The obvious answer is no*. We made sure that the entire management team was involved in the process, and of course the board of directors of Nokia are the only ones that can make this significant of a decision about Nokia. They made that final decision on Thursday night.” *Of course he’s not going to say yes. Even if he is (or isn’t).

Decision was made on Thursday Night? Holy crap. Talk about late. They also “informed Intel” on Thursday.

  • Elop DOESN’T want to be the sole provider of Windows Phone. He wants an ecosystem of multiple manufacturers. Competition inside WP and competition outside against all the other operating systems.
  • Nokia (or is it Windows Phone) first priority to beat Android. Yes. Kill of the number one mobile OS (That’s already beating Android) and possibly another that could have had greater traction than windows phone (MeeGo). Start from scratch and give yourself a new challenge. Forget working on your own assets, despite the years of work gone onto them and the fact you’re just moments away from ending your transition years. Start all over again and with worse footing. WHO is confident about the Nokia-Microsoft partnership? Though Scobleizer said it was a good thing, he isn’t confident about it. Many Nokia fans aren’t. Investors aren’t. BLeh.

“That being said, as we achieve our first priority of beating Android, we’ll be competing within the Windows Phone ecosystem, and that’s fair.”

  • On MeeGo

“It is the case, as we’ve said, that we’d ship our first MeeGo device this year, then shift our attention to the next generation of disruption. MeeGo will be part of our consideration and exploration as we go forward.”

via engadget

Oh this one was sent by Arts to I don’t know where this fits in to the session but it shows a new Symbian UI. This folks is what your N8, C6, C7, E7 will get. Kind of bitter tasting given the Windows announcement. But seriously, give a 12-24 month life span, that’s when transition from Symbian to Windows would  be occurring.



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