Nokia C5-04, Nokia Nuron 2?

| February 15, 2011 | 10 Replies

Two weeks ago we saw C5-04 appear on Ovi Store (with X7). We weren’t sure what it was. Some hoped it would have S^3. I do remember somebody commenting that it was the Nuron 2 which T-Mobile had supposedly shelved like AT&T with the X7. Perhaps it was true in that C5-03 Nuron 2 was scrapped for C5-04 Nuron 2? Or perhaps it is actually cancelled – it’s just the first time we’ve made the connection that this is the C5-04.


If it’s still coming to T-Mobile, specs should be in line with the Nokia C5-03. Not exciting but an affordable entry level touch smartphone whose buyer is the type that probably doesn’t know or care about the Nokia-MS partnership “sentencing Symbian to death”.



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  • chrom

    S60 5th and 3rd should have been canned, not Qt/S^3/Meego. These phones are just rubbish and E series could have benefited from touch and type models with S^3. I hope this doesn’t come out…

  • Shyne, KLA

    Who gonna buy this crap now ?

    • gLA

      Millions of people who think it’s more than enough to pay $150-200 for a cellphone.
      In this overheated debate around MS-Nokia, I miss some reflection regarding the fact that Nokias base-customers (maybe 70-80%)are people who buys phones like this(or even the lower range). People who need a phone for talking and sms. People who is not even aware/know/cares that their phone have an OS at all. Think about it…

      • chrom

        True, but wouldn’t those same customers prefer a S40 phone if the price is so high for a smart phone? They already do more than windows phone 7 – bluetooth file sharing, memory expansion, reasonable cameras, access to thousands of free java apps etc.

        This is a rubbish phone, pure and simple.

        • Viipottaja

          Neither pure nor simple. And no, I don’t mean the phone per se. Although it too may not be as simple as it should be (to use). 😀

  • Shawn


  • adit38

    not what i expected.
    so there is no cheap s^3 for the moment?

  • Deaconclgi

    For their to be a cheap S^3 device, Nokia would have to eat the cost of the hardware components since all S^3 devices have to use the Broadcom GPU as a minimum spec. Over time, the per unit cost of that GPU should decrease to the point of it being a viable option to sell S^3 devices at lower costs. If I were Elop, I would have negotiated a deal with Broadcom to get the component prices as low as possible and make and release as many S^3 models (even remaking older S^1 models with S^3 and new internals) and completely phasing out S^1.

    Until Nokia can regulate S^3 prices to S^1 prices, the old Symbian will continue to be released.

  • outdated os

    I smell an S^1 phone.

  • chris in need

    in short plz lemme kno if i shud go 4 a same priced samsung version wid a bada OS or stick 2 dis rather???