Videos: Windows Phone Symbian^3/WebOS like multitasking and Xbox Kinect Integration (and Browser)

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If you’re a fan of the Symbian^3 style of multitasking, you’ll be pleased to know that’s what is coming to Windows Phone. You could say WebOS style but since we’re Nokia folk mostly used to Symbian, that’s our point of reference.

It is activated by long press, or alternatively pressing back would bring you back to the last used app.

Hmm. It’s good. But I think it could be better. I wish it implemented the MeeGo pinch zoom that would allow multitasking with grid tiles. Like how we’ve been spoiled with Maemo 5, Undoubtedly the best multitasker to date still. This swipe, swipe, swipe multitasking is just so inefficient. Perhaps it’s only really meant for those who just have 2-3 apps open at one time. Having said that, it’s better than that simple 2002 icon only multitasking.

Earlier today we heard of the updates coming to Windows Phone
of which, not just multitasking and other (long standard) features are coming, but also Kinect Integration.

Multitasking demo. By 1800pocketpc

Kinect-Windows Phone Demo. Cheers oho. by evoluce1. Ignore the game, just think about the concept. BTW, do we have any Xbox users here? Did you get a Kinect cam?

Hopefully I’ll be getting a windows phone soon (obviously not a Nokia since we don’t know when that’s coming) to learn more about …our new mobile platform. As mentioned, Andre’s already ordered his. We’ll share as much info as we can, either from our own findings, or others on the web about Windows Phone related news. Don’t worry, we’ll still cover all the usual stuff before all the MS announcements (time permitting).


Oh I haven’t been following the Windows Phone news exactly so forgive me if this isn’t better structured. I’ve just noticed this super blurry video of HTML5 video on Windows Phone. Check out the use of hardware acceleration vs Safari on iPhone 4.

Ah, ok a quick search gives me this. it will take a bit of time for me to get my head around what is and isn’t news in windows phone world. Very long demo from UnwiredViewcom.

lol, streaming HD video in lieu of flash fail.


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