Nokia N8 – The Best Smartphone Camera. FACT

| February 17, 2011 | 19 Replies

I was rushing to get back home and noticed this in the Arndale in Manchester. You might have seen it before.

I think it’s really cool – really blunt, boastful, to the point. This is what I want to see from Nokia. Straight, to the point, being clear about your strengths. No quibble about it. It’s a FACT. I’d like to hear that this was a series. Forever Free Sat Nav all over the world. FACT. Real Multitasking. FACT.


Now, there’s a little blurb line at the bottom that I only just noticed now. It kinda says “What Digital Camera…”I don’t know what else it’s supposed to say.

It’ much better than this other ad below. What on earth is that supposed to mean?

N8 has gunk on the lens so it isn't as awesome as it could be

What cool Nokia ads have you seen in person?


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  • deep space bar

    i second that i even replaced my digital camera with my N8 LOL

  • John

    I saw those on my way to Uni I thought they are really cool I like the cockiness, Nokia usually aren’t like this.

  • jvardon

    I wish I had an N8 to replace my digicam.

  • Mark

    What Camera? is a magazine that rates cameras. If they say it’s the best then it is.

  • Deaconclgi

    There aren’t any advertisements for Nokia in the US……

    I WAS their advertisement……

    • akse

      I guess it’s useless to advertise in US cause its so expensive because you don’t have to pay 50$/month for 2 years to a carrier that sells it for 199$! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mirza Abeer

    I think the second advert is just showing off the wide angle lens of the N8. Like you can capture more of life using the N8 wide angle lens.

  • vali – N8 durability test, the AK47 of cellphones (video in Russian)

  • Guest

    Intel developer challenge for Meego:

  • DT
    • DT

      Click the guided tour link. Only $50 on 3 year contract

  • The pictures are just amazing. I would like to know in terms of features/functionality is there anything that N8 cannot do that can be done by iPhone. I am just talking in terms of pure feature/functionality not about better UI or user experience etc.

  • Aaron

    N8 didn’t get the necessary praise it deserved. In fact, as usual of Nokia phones, it is one of the most criticized and hated phone of the last year until now. It really pisses me everytime i come across a site that label an N8 as an outdated and boring smartphone and downplay its multimedia capabilities. Everyone now seems only after the user interface and apps.

    • jeep-e2

      Sure it’s a nice phone, calling works fine (although it happened few times losing calls), it has nice shortcut for calling, i still like the T9 for texting or swype in landscape mode. The calendar and e-mail sync works perfectly with gmail and mail for exchange. I like the widgets. And of course, it has an awesome camera. About the multitasking, hmm…not sure about it, i still believe they should’ve put a stronger processor, stronger battery (24-30hours regular use for me) and more ram. Excellent hardware, only not enough power to run the OS and a poor browser. I don’t really care about the UI, i like it the way it is, but i never tried the WP7, for what i’ve seen, i think it looks better than iOS and it looks also very smooth. I’m ready to give WP7 a chance, and i really think Elop is a brilliant CEO. I was shocked last week, but now I do believe that he’s doing the right thing and he’s doing it to save Nokia.

  • Shyne, KLA

    Intel CEO Paul Otellini claimed Nokia abandoned the MeeGo project because of financial reasons. He further expressed his surprise that Nokia’s CEO sided with Windows Phone, and claimed MeeGo was the best option, also noting it would be hard for Nokia to differentiate itself from other manufacturers in the WP .
    “I wouldn’t have made the decision he [Elop] made, I would probably have gone to Android if I were him. MeeGo would have been the best strategy but he concluded he couldn’t afford it.”

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  • Elvis Ono

    I have been using the Nokia N8 for about 3 months now..

    The camera is the best!!. and the phone is so so nice.

    It is the best nokia smartphone in the planet currently if you ask me.

    • anonymous

      me too :), but it seems sad already been around a year and they didnt make better phone.. and the only one at equal ground were e7. the new x6 or something.. failure with that features and high price. sigh.. i hope the rumored n8-01 can be next best phone in nokia. with reasoneable price of course ๐Ÿ™‚

      • anonymous

        edit : it was e6, my apologize