Video: Awesome Qt HTML5 demo on Nokia N8

| February 19, 2011 | 23 Replies

Jim sent this video in a couple of days ago (going through backlog of missed tips) and it shows Qt HTML5 interface.

  • Note the side scrolling menu with different layers for each object. i.e. you don’t just scroll like as if they’re a panoramic image. When the front bubbles move, the back bubbles move a little later. Nice, subtle effect. Quite different to just having the background move.
  • Demo of a game called jumping Norwegian (Accelerometer based)
  • HTML5 Canvas element – draw 3D graphics on the fly
  • CSS3 transitions – allows things to slide in, UI interfaces where things rotate. Demoed in a picture gallery
  • Bubbles demo to show sensor. Pressing the screen produces bubbles which are accelerometer movement dependent. i.e. just like real bubbles, they float to the top. Note how QUICKLY it’s doing this.
  • Compiled with Qt Technology 1.1SDK available now

Via Qt Blog


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  • amoshydra

    jumping Norwegian VS doodle Jump!

    I want Jumping Norwegian! lol

  • Kway

    When Nokia announced Symbian dead, I really thought about switching to webOS, but I’ll stick with Symbian for a longer time. Really nice.

  • finally got my hands on nokia e7 today

    built quality is much better than n8, no big gap between glass and aluminium body

    still no happy with that scratchable hdmi cover

    • Ali

      hha the gap between the glass is actually a good thing, read about it/think if you drop your phone the shock of the drop wont spread to the glass cause ts separate the worst that happens is your phones body gets scratched up but the screen itself won’t shatter. check any iphone the glass is continuous with the body thats why a simple drop will shatter its glass

  • Stefan

    Another reason for not changing to WP7 imho! For devs its a horrible decision!

  • bob

    Why the hell Nokia leaved Qt ?!

    • Guest

      Qt is one of the things Nokia said they will remain. But they will not use it in WP7, so what they are going to use Qt, I do not know.

      Nokias Meego mobile will in all cases using qt. If now WebOS uses Qt so maybe there will be apps to Meego in the future.

  • is there a phone in near future with the following features?

    full flash in web browser
    rmvb movies played smoothly
    free ovi maps, or tomrom/garmin(cracked)
    skypeout and sms

    still keep my n900 until there is a better phone to offer the aboves

    iphone 5? keep dreaming!
    pre 4? there will be hope

    • mee go MAD

      loads of android+symbian phones can do wat you mentioned

      but n900 is still one of the best phones even though its old it can still match loads of new phones out now

  • Arts

    can anybody confirm that turn out to the qt booth in mwc is really low? i rmbr some ass keep going on and on about how empty qt booth is.

  • Dejan

    Look at N8 when the video starts.. I think it’s running PR 2.0 🙂

    • Arts

      what makes you say so bro?

      i literally paused the video frame by frame to look at the n8. lol

      • Yeap, I approved. It’s running on PR 2.0.

        Look so carefully. Main screen is bluring and a circle circling around there, when he runs application. (0:16)

        That’s PR 2.0!

        Let’s try it on your phone :). There’ll be no circle and bluring. 🙂

  • Rudeboi

    I’m currently using a windows phone7 and I have to admit that the marketplace is awesome but the HTC phone is hot garbage! My N900 still rules. However, with Nokia supporting windows7 software is going to be awesome.

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  • Kraistus

    I don’t know if anybody has noticed, but that bubbles Qt can be found in Ovi Store. It’s Offscreen technology’s. Search for Bubbles Qt.

    • Kraistus

      Forget about that last statement. The bubbles Qt in Ovi Store is not the same as in that video.

  • napier

    And they dumped it all for WP7. Depressing…

  • Guest

    Business as usual at Trolltech. With the employment of personnel.

  • RedMateria

    Why nokia? why? This platform is awesome.

    • Clint_ZA

      The platform is indeed awesome as many of us have known and have been arguing but unfortunately the unwashed masses have been brainwashed into thinking they need the an iOS or Android phone! It seems we live in an age where the masses can be easily influenced and lost the ability to think for themselves. Unfortunately falling numbers has meant that Nokia has been forced to make the changes!

      • pankaj

        This is precisely the reason i bought an N8 yesterday. To show my support to such open and great technologies, and that there do still exist people who can think 🙂

  • jukka

    This is awesome!
    But still very bad if old models (like 5800) wont get the html5 support even with the opera browser.
    Atleast 3 years there will be tens of millions of users using s60 5th, or s3