Rumours: Firmware PR2.0 expected late March/Early April – some changelog

| February 19, 2011 | 67 Replies

It’s been a long time since we talked PR2.0. As you may have seen, NO it wasn’t announced at MWC at probably won’t in February. Rumours from NokiaLatino suggest a possible late March/Early April. (Cheers to Arts btw for the heads up). They’ve even posted up a changelog. Some points we’re familiar with having known about since October: New Browser, new keyboard, kew Qt 4.7, draggable homescreen. Other changes (as part of the 50+ updates) include New Calendar, general performance/bug fixes, and new gallery.

Interestingly the new browser, though we’ve seen what it would look like (top single URL “awesome bar”, persistent back button) we did not really know much more. Apparently now bookmarks display the image of the page (a little Maemo 5/Opera stylie). I don’t know if this means that bookmarks in shortcut icons will display the page bookmark instead of the browser icon (much needed).

As noted early last year, the browser update would be separate from the actual operating system, receiving updates when ready as opposed to what they’ve done here (waiting for firmware refresh). This browser is to be HTML5 compatible with Flash 10.

Here’s what came out after pushing through google translate:

  • V.7.3 new browser: copy and paste, HTML5, Flash 10 (confirmed), new UI (Maemo 5 style, performance improvements and bug fixes, possible new UI on the bookmark so that pages can be displayed instead of just having the icon of the site (a la Opera). also said the browser would be separate from the OS, as an app to receive updates.
  • New redesigned QWERTY keyboard
  • More main screens (so far we know there is a 4th) and gliding effect on them.
  • New Widgets
  • New version of Qt 4.7 preinstalled
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes, 25% more in the battery.
  • New interface gallery
  • New Calendar
  • Integrated Swype -(Split Screen)
  • May bring new versions of the apps that come with the Symbian ^ 3

The UI change below (shown by Nokia at MWC) I’d think would be in PR3.0 but Symbian Latino notes “notable changes in the general UI”.

BTW, Jim and Dejan reckon the N8 in the last post was running PR2.0.

via NokiaLatino

  • Most notable changes in the general UI
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    1. Lloydie T says:

      Tell me after I get v1.1 on my N8, cause as far as I’m concerned that is still a rumour

      • Jay Montano says:

        Sorry to hear that you have not yet received PR1.1. What region are you in/what is your product code?

        • jeep-e2 says:

          I’m in canada, bought the phone with Rogers, product code 059D391. My cousin got it from newegg, i don’t know his product code but he got his FWU last week. This is the most ridiculous thing from Nokia so far, not having the update for each cellphone at the same moment. I still don’T understand why…..

          • Mark says:

            Disappointing added on to ridiculous… Everyday I check and STILL NO updates!!!!!!!

            • Sameer says:

              Most surprisingly, the FW update didn’t show up with the *#0000# route. It showed up in Applications>SW Update which I had never bothered to check for quite a few days. I also have a NAM N8.

          • stylinred says:

            Rogers is notorious for taking forever to get their firmware updates

            • Rick says:

              I am from Trinidad in the Caribbean. I got the update and installed it via FOTA but it did not show up with Ovi Suite when I checked for it there.

          • deep space bar says:

            i’m from canada but i got a filipino ver since i ALWAYS buy my phones unlocked and i got my update the day that it was officially announced
            the problem with rogers is they lock up the FOTA servers and lock the firmware so people are forced to buy new phones on contract that’s why i only by new and unlocked phones and or used which is better in the long run since you can resell the phone

          • phaedrav says:

            Talk to Rogers, not Nokia. Rogers has to test and approve the Rogers branded updates.
            More people asking Rogers to speed it up, is not likely to slow them down.

            P.S. Random whining on peoples’ blogs won’t speed anything up. :-)

          • Naco says:

            The update for your Product Code has not yet been released by Nokia, HOWEVER in our case (I was in the same situation) Rogers will most likely be the bottle neck – otherwise my experience suggests that Rogers may never, ever give the OK to roll out the update(s) – this and the followings (hopefully there will be one more at least). So, I re-flashed my N8 using the generic Product Code which was released among the very first releases. Use Phoenix – if you follow the instructions carefully you should be safe – I did it on my own and my friend’s without any issues.

        • Duncan says:

          There is a whole thread on it here.

          Nokia promised to have many update by Friday Week 7 of this year but failed to deliver. I am in the US and am still waiting for the update via NSU or Ovi Suite.

        • lance says:

          your not missing anything with the pr1.1 its made no difference to my n8 and i am that dissapointed with that am moving over to samsung galaxy s with andriod 2.2

        • jaydee_9804 says:

          So far zilch for Singapore N8s too.. c”.)

      • WAKKA says:

        Don’t feel so bad. I’m on Sonera carrier in FINLAND and I still don’t have the update either! You would expect FINLAND would get it first!!!

    2. Nonso O says:

      fingers crossed… the n8 is still one of the best and with these changes it just might be my longest lasting phone. here’s to hoping there are no delays

      • Mark says:

        Although it’s just a rumour this feels like good news. After using a ZTE Blade for a week I’ve gone back to my N8 as it’s by much the better phone… with the exception of the keyboards and native browser.

        If PR2.0 doe the following then I think that 2011, whilst remaining a very hard year for Nokia, may not be quite as bad as it could be.

        1) Portrait QWERTY. You don’t realise how bad an omission this is until you use a handset that has a good one.
        2) Keyboard overlay, not full screen.
        3) Get rid of the pop ups. Seriously, the FM Transmitter on is particularly annoying.
        4) Tidy up the settings. Nothing fundamental, we’re talking simple stuff like putting things in alphabetical order.
        5) The new browser or add multi-touch and proper text reflow to Opera.

        All relatively simple stuff.

    3. Ali says:

      I’m guessing that the picture for the “new UI” is jut some lazy photo-shopping to keep us happy considering it appears to be the OVI maps main screen (look at the bottom left you can see some of Brazil or India) and the info at the top right resembles android quite a bit, either way fingers crossed :”)

      • Mark says:

        In fairness one of the key things about any UI is consistency so it seems, based on Ovi Maps, this is the way they’re going.

        I think this is a good idea as one of the ‘problems’ with Symbian is that its UI is outdated and stale. Small changes here can make a big difference in public perception.

      • Torsas says:

        How do you get the best out of super amoled? Lets make everything white!

    4. flopjoke says:

      hmm.. yeah I guess we all knew it was gonna be in March. Which kinda means early May, according to the delay in releasing PR1.1.

      I still think N8 has a lot of potential.. all the new apps we keep discovering everyday just shows how powerful and usable this phone really is. That PR2.0 update will keep us using it for another year till we see the new UI.

      I’m not sure how they’ll integrate Swype with split-screen.. but I do hope they integrate the new keyboard + split screen in the ENTIRE UI and not just a few main apps. Also, I wonder if this would mean that every developer has to create a new version of their app.. like Nimbuzz? (I hope not.. )

    5. Nitish Kumar says:

      Its certainly after March and April/ May will be more likely. Target given is to deliver in April, but quality testing etc might delay it to May too.

      It should also be noted that Browser is likely to come via Betalabs first as a separate app and later would be integrated into firmware at least this was earlier plan. If it happens then will come in march most probably

      Let’s see what happens?

    6. Nitish Kumar says:

      And by the way, if the video you mentioned was running PR2.0, then as per your post there should have been four home screens, which was certainly not the case. Look closer over the bottom three

      • Sh0cK says:

        If he didn’t add 4th one?
        I mean, More than 3 home screen can be added, and he didn’t add 4th one ?

        Or else, The Guy using it a lower quality assurance release ?

    7. Jay Montano says:

      Could have removed a screen…? I think the rationale behind it was the circling load animation and the blur to load the app. Not really much to go on, as it was only a few seconds long.

    8. dsmobile says:

      actually I think it will be PR2.1 when it comes out. Version numbers moves too fast before they get final version out :D

    9. stylinred says:

      as for the Bookmark icon.. are you referring to Favicons? we’ve already got that in the stock browser i prefer those over a snapshot of the webpage like in Opera

      especially depending on your bookmark it may be prudent to simply have the Favicon :)

    10. Bazil says:

      “Firmware PR2.0 expected late March/Early April”. When Elop is expected to go to where he came from?

    11. michele says:

      Outcome of Microsoft/Nokia partnership..more delay.Not that it waz unexpected.More time is being spent in perfection of Win7,coz da future of nokia is at stake..Hope this update is worth w8ing 4.

      • murble says:

        Nokia doesn’t have to spend time perfecting WP7. That is Microsoft’s job.

        • napier says:

          That’s what scares me :)

        • michele says:

          For your info, Nokia has been given exclusive rights to customize WP7.Moreover WP7 being der Primary Higher-end OS,all time is needed to create a competitive eco-system for a early & successful launch.
          So most resources will be allocated for further development of WP7.

    12. jvardon says:

      I hope this comes out soon followed by the PR3.0.
      I want to get this phone but won’t if the updates don’t come.

    13. pradeep says:

      where is alex68 :D
      waitin :D

    14. yas says:

      I checked QT buglist
      seems there are outstanding issue with 4.7.1/2 and PR 2.0
      Some comments also refers to split screen functionlity both on native symbian and QT layers.

    15. law says:

      I dont know about this flash 10? The n8 and e7 will be getting flash 10 i dont belive that.

    16. Rant says:

      I hope the WP7 stuff starts coming fast. I was disappointed at first, but after a week of very heavy use with my N8 I only wish for more stability in my phone. N8 kept crashing when trying to use sportstracker. Really useful.

      The N8 is a great camera no doubt, but as an allround device I’m not all that enthusiastic, it needs to be far more stable. (Based on PR1.0, 1.1 wasn’t out yet.)

    17. fuel says:

      im gonna buy n8 when pr 2.0 comes out… this is great…

    18. Pj says:

      Are you sure that the browser will be titled 7.3? Isnt the new browser going to be qt based so doesnt that mean a whole new browser and not just a upgrade to the web runtime based browser we have now.

    19. Guest says:

      “25% more in the battery” I already have up to a week of battery life of my N8. My friends are happy when their Android handsets can do two days :)

    20. Nishanth says:

      What are the advantages of the new firmware release 1.1 ??? i have updated my N8 to the new version and i dont see any difference nor any new apps added ????

    21. Dave says:

      Thats good news. hopefully this will come soon. Symbian just started to become a great system again and now they are stopping it, how stupid. And when they end symbian, i hope there will be an update to WP7 or Android.

    22. Doug says:

      And what about the custom equalizer?

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