Video: Vlingo Plus voice to text control demoed on Nokia N8 – Free at Ovi Store

| February 20, 2011 | 17 Replies

Duncan tipped us the other day that Vlingo is available at the Ovi Store. Is this the full version? It’s called Vlingo “Plus”?

Anyway, I’ve missed this app ever since moving from the N97. It looks a little different to the Vlingo we saw demoed on the E7, receiving some nice UI tweaks

All you need to do is tap the button and speak. Tap again when you’ve finished. By default it will perform a google search. The “What Can I say” button gives you a list of actions you can do with Vlingo and clicking each one shows you how to do it.


I love that Vlingo shows you what things you can say and how to do it. E.G. fo EMAIL you can say the name of the contact, subject and message. I think it helps a lot when you have a feature packed app for the application to set out for you any and every eventuality you could perform with it.

You even get these suggestions/tips in the main app view itself. You can tap them to change to a new tip.

  • Simple voice to text web search
  • Voice to text email
  • Voice to text SMS
  • Voice dialling (with ability to specify which number, ie. mobile)
  • Voice app launch
  • Voice to text notes
  • Voice to text facebook updates

It works quite well and is accurate most of the time for “normal words” i.e. not product codes. I find that it is more accurate when you speak in your normal speaking voice (as opposed to purposely trying to speak more clearly, at least for me anyway). It is way more accurate than Windows 7’s speech recognition software, even after several training sessions. I wouldn’t trust it without checking though. Autocorrect when typing is bad enough. Obviously, this works better in a quiet environment though for me, it does seem to pick up my voice better than the background murmur.

I really like Vlingo. There’s definitely the cool factor when showing it off to your friends and it’s also quite useful too if you don’t want to type a message out. Might be a good hands free option?

I’m not sure though if there’s a shortcut way to activate the tap and speak button (or a way for vlingo to know I’ve stopped dictating other than pressing tap again). The time it takes to transcribe voice varies. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it takes several seconds. This may be linked to your signal (of which mine was really bad). Speaking of signal, I think every time you click the blue button, you will use data (as evident of the interference sound in the video). You don’t hear this when using the app.

Have you tried it? What do you think?



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  • stylinred

    as inaccurate as the stories your parents tell you

    i should say though i can never get these speech to text apps to work for me (iphone too)

    • michele

      Same here πŸ™ nevertheless this is a great thank you 4 did free App:)

  • satanlovesyou

    No Russian πŸ™

  • xyz

    Even if german is supported, it doesn’t recognize what I said. Worse: While trying to connect to its servers, it produces a connection error. Useless for me so far πŸ™

  • fahoum

    like i said previously. I have a foreign accent , and still it works quite well for me.
    But i use it more for fun than actual texting or emailing .

    • satanlovesyou

      I have russian accent, but I chose ‘English (Finland)’ and it works fine. I use it for fun too, but if there was my language I would have used this app for messaging and quick notes. At this time Vlingo useless for me.

  • Kent

    Not just Vlingo, but I see some new (and free) games too! Worms 2010, Command & Conquer, The Sims 3 World Adventure!

  • This app works surprisingly well. Nice one.

  • Shailen

    Fuck nokia n8..I suggested it 2my bro 2buy instead of galaxy s..But after 4months he has given it 4times 2care centre n same problem each time os crash..Now its web massaging n bluetooth is not working..I believed on nokia that after n97 they might have learn but no..I m waiting 4a good mobile..But definitely it will not b of nokia..

  • Nirvanist

    Which Theme is that??? and what is that application next to gravity on 6:27 ?? it looks like mozilla firefox ???

  • genXhippie

    Does anyone have a dl link to the sis file. I’ve attempted several to install off ovi, with no luck.

    • Duncan

      Go to Ovi store on your computer; find vlingo; click the “send to friend” option; go to address bar and erase “send-to-friend” and replace with download. This works for all free apps.

  • amoshydra

    Hey! I have a issue for mail! πŸ™

    Even I say mail, it say “You do not have an email account set up on this device.”

    I also have issue sending email from the PhoneBook.

    Note: I am still using PR1.0. I notice that my C6-01’s PR1.1 mail seem working fine.

    Question, does anyone using PR1.0 got his mail function works in vlingo?

    • amoshydra

      Sorry, I meant to say “When I say “mail”, it say… “

  • cypherinfo

    Hello, what about a version for the great N900 community?

  • VeePee

    Love this APP!!!!!