Videos: Nokia N8 Stress/Abuse tests. Again.

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What a frightening sight for Nokia N8 users. It’s uploaded from December by though newly published at GSM Arena. Cheers for the heads up Alexander)

I’m not really sure about stress tests. Some show that a phone screen resists scratching when it gets scratched in my pocket. Conversely, some tests show a phone is quite bad when in fact, it’s ok. BTW, a more detailed test can be seen here.

  • The scratch test and drop tests are somewhat ok to watch. I’ve dropped my N8 (during early ownership days) and it has not caused it any problems. It did not reboot (even after falling on concrete) though possible from only 5 foot 9″ in height (at level of my ear).
  • The wear out test is pretty bad for their N8. Not had too many scratches myself. Only really at the thin border around N8 glass.
  • Anodized aluminium part mostly ok (though should be better given the demos from N8 folk trying to scratch it with a coin and SAYING it’s scratch proof). This is shown in their test where it scores the full marks on material (both glass and aluminium scratching at 600g)
  • Hot and Cold test…
  • Immersion in water or beer. Most scary part of the test I think. Not something I ever want to try. My N82 accidentally fell into Guinness and survives to this day. It was a little drunk for a few hours but then was completely ok after sobering up. My old 7210 wasn’t so lucky. I don’t know why in their test the N8 is working after being in water but it gets 0. Perhaps it’s a different N8. Odd because it looks like it’s working in the video. I find most capacitive touch inputs fail when damp/wet. Apparently the N8 broke AFTER their test (not shown on camera).
  • Normally though folks, if your electronic device does get wet, switch it off. Try to dry it. If you can remove the battery, do so (obviously can’t with N8). Put it in dry rice to absorb the moisture. DO NOT TURN IT ON.

  • Signal strength test – stays at maximum.I like how the N8 “doesn’t receive any calls” even though it shows full signal in the video. Also note about “dropping points”, the N8 has like 8 bars (well theme dependent) iPhone has 5.
  • Despite what the results say in comparison with iPhone, the testers say, “We are impressed with the Nokia N8’s build quality.”

To calm your nerves, watch the iPhone getting similar abuse. Not sure about those high drop test scores. My facebook feed is at last one every couple of weeks of someone cracking their glass sandwhich iPhone 4 screen (quite sad that there is quite a high number of iPhone owning facebook friends). Actually, no it might not make you feel better as the iPhone video makes it seem indestructible. I never knew it was waterproof. I LOVE how they didn’t touch the screen afterwards yet it has full marks. Go iPhone.

Signal of iPhone falls in their little aluminium box. That’s ok given that touching it has similar effects. How odd, iPhone getting Full marks on reception and Nokia not.

Also what I don’t understand, iPhone had an extra electrical test, but both were scored out of exactly the same amount of points (783). Apparently it’s because tests weren’t performed as the N8 was broken.

Oh, I noticed that David also sent us a stress test for N8 a while ago. But it was recorded more recently:

Can’t really see it but N8 screen still on after being drowned in the beach. Then I think it stops working and they just abandon it on the sand :o. After passing all the previous tests so valiantly.


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